Patches: Do Minor Repairs Fix Everything?

So given how we have previously discussed that DLC is not the problem with the gaming industry I thought it was time to tackle another subject that has been a hot topic recently. Content patches. With the advent of consoles that connect to the internet they were inevitable, but whats good and whats bad about them?

Ubisoft has of late been rather notoriously abusing this system as an excuse to pump out broken games with bugs literally out the wazoo and taking well earned flak for that. It really punishes pre-ordering (which is another topic for another day) and buying the game new and early while the company can still make profit from it.  So obviously the entire system turns out to be incredibly counter intuitive for what they want.

With that being considered however this does not seem to me to be a case of patches themselves being bad.  Rather it is more a case of the few bad students ruining playtime for everyone else.

We all know broken games. I think everyone can remember at least one bug in a classic game that bothered them. I recall one on the Sega Master System for example that made that games password system unreliable.  There was a character who would give out passwords or you got them when you died.  The issue was the character that gave them to you never gave you a password that worked.

But even so when it is just used as an excuse to put out a broken game with a “we will just fix it later” attitude THAT is where it becomes unacceptable in my mind. Fixing a few unforeseen bugs is one thing, using patches to fix an entire broken game is quite another.

So what do we do? Simple, tell Ubisoft, and any other offending company, we do not appreciate getting broken games. Tell them in the only way you can: with your wallet. Don’t buy from a company that puts out broken games as they clearly they could not care less about the consumer.

Really, in my opinion at least, it is the not caring about the consumer that bothers me the most.  I can understand that in a capitalist society certain things will always fall by the wayside, in many cases it happens to be product quality but that is another matter entirely.  But for the company to flat out not care about their customers is a huge issue and without a doubt a blight in the industry.