4 PS2-era Series Sony Should Resurrect On The PS4

Just over a week ago a well-known industry insider called Tidux revealed that Sony is resurrecting a major Playstation 2-era IP for the Playstation 4. It makes sense really, since there were some fantastic series out around back then that sadly petered off (in my opinion anyway) and it’d be a good way to attract older Sony fans to the new console. So if they are performing a little gaming-necromancy on a major title (and it’s worth mentioning that Tidux  is meant to have a good track record with these things) it got me thinking: what could they bring back from the dead? While a lot of people are guessing Jak & Daxter, here are 4 PS2-era series that I think Sony should bring back (in all their zombie glory).

No.1 : TimeSplitters


TimeSplitters was awesome. Back in the days of the PS2 it was a pretty big franchise, showing off a healthy dose of semi-insanity and enough explosives to make Michael Bay jealous. Most of all, it was fun. Whether you were exploring Notre Dame and saving damsels-in-distress or heading into a future with giant man-squids (got to love Mon Calamari) the gameplay was fun and you genuinely enjoyed playing it, no matter how many times you died. Who didn’t love a bit of time travel? The games also had a more acceptable gameplay-to-cut scene ratio and didn’t feature complex, game-breaking quick-time events: it was simply run, gun and fun. Another majorly awesome factor was the diverse range of playable characters: from Corporal Hart to Monkey, there were enough personalities for everyone to love. To finish it all off the TimeSplitters games had an enjoyable set of multiplayer modes including Virus and, of course, Team Deathmatch. It made my childhood, and I can’t count the number of times my brother walked away hating suggesting playing it. So before I go on a bit too much about how it’s awesome, I’ll sum it up like this: imagine a TimeSplitters game with the graphical capability of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, combined with the insane gameplay you see in Borderlands and sprinkled with mandatory fire and explosions. It would be like my own personal Christmas.

No. 2: Crash Bandicoot


While Crash Bandicoot originally started life as a Playstation 1 title, the PS2 era saw the release of Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex, Twinsanity, Tag Team Racing and Nitro Kart. Those were some pretty good titles. Crash has always been one of my favorite Playstation heroes, ever since I played the Crash Bandicoot demo disc. The games were always fun, the bosses were a challenge and the characters were pretty awesome (and a little ironic, in the case of Tiny Tiger). Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of TTR or Nitro Kart, but I did love Wrath Of Cortex. In case you haven’t played that particular title, here’s a very quick reminder of the story: Dr Neo Cortex has yet another super weapon and has teamed up with the highly destructive Elementals, and it’s up to Crash and Coco to gather special Crystals to return them to hibernation and save the world once more. Whether it’s a resurrection of a franchise, or even a remake that gives the game more clout, Crash Bandicoot is definitely on my list of titles I want to see again.

No. 3: S.O.C.O.M

Socom Navy Seals

The S.O.C.O.M games probably helped to kick start my love of shooter titles, and simultaneously got my parents addicted to them (to the point that their game collection is 98% multiplayer shooters). While shooters already existed way before the 2000s, S.O.C.O.M was one of the first titles to use the Playstation 2 headset and allow you to really command your AI teammates. Granted they were pretty stupid, often running out of cover and getting shot, but being handicapped by occasionally-stupid teammates just seemed to be part of the challenge. It provided more tactical approaches to saving hostages, killing terrorists and retrieving intelligence, and the AI control also extended to the multiplayer story, so not only could you work with another person but you had 2 reasonably well-controlled AI to back you up. Whether it would compete with mammoth franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield is another question enirely, but there’s no doubt that I loved these games.

No. 4: Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud logo

Last but definitely not least, Dark Cloud. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to own a full copy of the game when I was younger, but I did have a well-used demo disc which is where I fell in love with this charming title. If you compare it to role-playing games nowadays then sure, Dark Cloud is a little clunky, the speech probably doesn’t flow as well as it could and the combat can get a little repetitive. But what RPG hasn’t had that issue at some point down the line? To sum up the story: Dark Genie destroys the villages of our heroes, who band together to fight back. You play as Toan, a boy given a magical stone that can rebuild the destroyed lands, which is pretty cool. I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the music and I even enjoyed the slightly-clunky PS2 controls. It’s the trifecta of enjoyment! Last time I checked it had sold over 1 million copies worldwide, and that was just on the Playstation 2, so imagine how good it could do on the PS4?

So there you have it: my 4 series I’d love to see on the latest Playstation console. Choosing 4 wasn’t particularly easy, and there are bound to be some classic games I’ve forgotten about (the PS2 game list is pretty big after all!) so if there’s a title you feel desperately needs to be on this list, or just one you want to see brought back, shoot me a comment below. You can also Facebook it, tweet it, or scream it to the skies: I’d just like to know!

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  1. Soda Popinski

    I would add new Splashdown or Jet Moto reboot. How long has it been since we had a good water/wave racing game??? The genre’s WIDE open

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