Ralin: Dwarf Wars Hits Kickstarter

Rogue-likes have come back into vogue, but there haven’t been many hack and slash RPGs based around the concept until now. A Kickstarter has just launched with a fairly impressive amount of information about the game. Ralin’s antagonist is King Duur, a bitter man out to rule with might instead of compassion. The game supports single and online multiplayer and will use procedurally-generated maps. A map editor is planned for later versions of the game, and pre-defined maps will be used for the main campaign. The game is set for release on PC, Mac, and Wii U. You’ll be playing as your own customizeable character, and there will be random item placements and a large loot table to make use of.

The crafting system allows you to take existing items and rework them to suit your needs. Unlike many games, Ralin will actually change the character model depending on what you’re wearing. The game’s goal is to reach £45,000 and they’re already at nearly £1,000. As far as rewards go, £1 gets you in the credits while £5 gets you an early bird copy of the game. Normally, that reward would cost you £10, so be sure to act quickly if the Kickstarter pitch sells you on the concept.

The game is already Greenlight on Steam, so you’ll get a copy there if you pledge enough for a digital copy of the game. The Wii U version is planned to have special features exclusively for that version – but they didn’t go into more details. Given the large row of boxes on the bottom of the PC/Mac version footage, it seems like that stuff will just be moved seamlessly onto the Gamepad for easy access. The Kickstarter pitch video is really rough the edges, but to their credit, you can download a playable alpha version of the game and see if it is to your liking before backing the project.