Party Up with ZergID

Did you ever want to get 9000 of your closest friends and bring them into to a party all at once? Well, ZergID is making your dream a reality with its great system enabling users to organize group play sessions joinable by everyone enrolled in the social network.

The feature was recently alpha tested in a popular Twitch streamer used the system to create a fan-based League of Legends team and over 9,000 people signed in to join the event, so we know it works.

ZergID is a fast-growing social network for MMORPG gamers making it easy to stay communicate and plan out your next raid, and surely to become even more popular with beta testing of this new feature available for all ZergID users.

The idea sounds amazing but the one concern I would have is “how do I keep track of 9000 people in one party?” I can barely handle a Call of Duty match with my only people I actually know in my party; having 9000 people all at once would be a bit overwhelming for me.