Convoy Games Interview About Convoy


I had the chance to get an interview with Sander de Visser of Convoy Games. They had an incredibly successful Kickstarter launch raising over 22 thousand euros with their game Convoy which is a rogue like tactical strategy game in which the player takes control of a crashed FTL ship’s crew in their attempt to escape the insane planet they are stuck on.

What inspired you to make the game?

It was basically a matter of “Can we do this? Let’s just try!”. As for why we made Convoy specifically, that’s something that grew organically. We knew we wanted to make a fairly simple game, and I (Sander) had made a small prototype of a car-chase game earlier which Roy kind of liked. We asked Sipke to join us, and kept expanding on that basic concept until eventually it became quite complex and big and what it is today.

What was the hardest part about making the game?

Doing things we’ve never done before. We’ve all worked on various other games in the past, but none of us made anything like this from scratch to release. The closest we’ve done before was a small iPad game for children that Sipke and I worked on. But even then, many things were done for us and we weren’t really involved in the release process at all. So I think that the actual stuff you need to do to release a game is the hardest for us. Stuff like marketing and dealing with publishers/distributors, etc.

How does it feel to have such resounding success for your first game?

AWESOME! Really, it’s way beyond what we expected and even hoped for. So yeah, it’s amazing! But with such initial success comes great pressure. We REALLY need to deliver now, it feels like our whole career is at stake, which is pretty scary since this is our first title…

What is your favorite thing in the game?

This is pretty hard… If you work on something like this for so long, you kind of lose sight of what you have. If I have to choose, I think the thing I (Sander) feel most proud about personally is the “feel” of the combat. I think I did a pretty good job on getting that right with all the explosions, effects, etc.

Did the game turn out the way you wanted it to be?

I think it got way bigger and better than what we expected! As for what we actually wanted, well that’s kind of hard to say. It’s an organic process and it’s not done yet so we’ll have to see how it turns out after release. We’ll probably do a post mortem of what went right and wrong…
Can we expect any more games for Convoy Games?

That kind of depends on how well Convoy does. It really comes down to whether Convoy sells enough to fund a next project. I think we’d all really like to though, and we have a lot of ideas for a new project! But, if it doesn’t, I think we’ll have a really good talk about what we want to do in the future, be it continuing with a job on the side, or perhaps the comfort and security of a proper job.

With Convoy being in Alpha stage what can we expect from the updates?

We’ll continue to work on the features we promised for the launch, such as environmental effects, audio, etc. As well as boss battles of course. After launch, we’ll release modding tools and we might add more features.

What made you want to start making games?

I think for me it was playing games from early childhood. I remember making my first level for a game when I was 8 years old… It’s always just been in me I guess, and I can rarely ever play a game without thinking “I would’ve done this different”.

Do you plan to makes games as your full time job now?

Assuming Convoy does well enough, that’s definitely the plan!

Are you looking to expand the company or keep it as a small group?

That’s something we really haven’t decided yet. It depends on a lot of things, like if and what kind of next project we do, etc. In all likelihood, we’ll continue to work mostly with freelancers at first. We might hire an intern or 2 from the local university we all attended as well.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself something about video game making what would you tell yourself?

Learn to code! I wish I did that when I was 10 instead of when I was 20… As for a next project: Plan ahead! Really, we intended this project to take 6 months. It’s been 18 now, and we’re not done yet.