WWE 2K15 Season Pass Free For New Owners, Existing Owners Angry

There’s something to the strategy of waiting until a game has been out for a while before buying it. True, sometimes lower sales at launch would mean jeopardizing an IP’s future, but in this case, people who bought WWE 2K15 at launch are probably kicking themselves.

That’s because, according to a post on the game’s official Facebook page, people who haven’t bought the game yet can pick up both WWE 2K15 and get the 2K Showcase Season Pass – a $30 value that includes several playable characters and additional story content – at no additional cost.

Naturally, those who picked up the game before now – typically hardcore pro wrestling fans, who are already a volatile group in and of itself – are not happy, with feedback ranging from “this feels like a kick in the teeth” to requests for a refund to vows that they’ll never give 2K their money again.

Some of the reactions on the game’s official forum share the same inclinations, but it seems 2K has far more support from commenters there. The official WWE 2K website has a breakdown of where you can get the free Season Pass and what’s included.

One thing’s for certain: this move may entice new buyers, but it could serve as a “one bitten, twice shy” moment for some of the WWE’s more ardent supporters.