Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter Campaign Begins

Fantasy RPGs have been on the decline, but the folks at Tactical Simulations Interactive are aiming to bring it back with Seven Dragon Saga. Inspired by pen and paper RPGs, Seven Dragon Saga comes from strategic simulations interactive alumni Keith Brors and David Shelley. The project was mostly self-funded, but it hit Kickstarter today to hopefully fund the final round of production. Back rewards include DRM-free copies of the game, code wheels to aid with in-game puzzle solving, journals with information about the game’s world, and even copies of a pep and paper version of the game. The Kickstarter pitch video goes into a fair amount of depth about just why they want to make an RPG like this, where players can create their own characters.


More information is divulged about having an open world to explore, and there will be up to six characters in each party, with turn-based combat used in battles. Footage is included, but it’s quite early. Despite that, there’s still a lot of depth shown in the clip and you can see the differences between short and long-range combat in action. Some terrain can be destroyed with missiles and allows you to take out hidden enemies, visible thanks to the game’s dynamic camera. Each character type has a goal, and completing a mission with that goal results in extra points. Their goal is to reach $450,000, and they’ve already reached over $5,000. $25 gets you a copy of the game, while $40 gets you the game and a pen and paper rulebook.

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