“Revival of F” World Premiere – What We Know

If you’re a fan of the Dragonball franchise, you’re probably already well-aware of the upcoming movie, Revival of F. According to the official site, tickets for the English premiere are now available. The premiere will be the original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles.

The follow up to the critically and financially successful Battle of Gods movie, which saw the Dragonball series get its first film (and arguably the only actual canon movie) in over a decade, as well as the first film since Dragon Ball: The Path to Power to have a theatrical release.

The upcoming film will see the return of arguably the series most iconic villain, Frieza and will also show a slightly new looks for some characters.

Taking place at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, California on April 11th, 2015 the event will be hosted by Toei Animation and FUNimation. The premiere of Battle of Gods, saw cast members in attendance, and coinciding with the Anime Expo that was taking place at the time, they would be involved in panels regarding the movie and signing sessions.

No word as of yet on what, if any similar events will also be taking place in conjunction with the film, though attendance by cast members is a likely possibility.


Battle of Gods was a film that opened a lot of doors, both in the universe of Dragonball and outside, with the reveal that the planet Earth is located within the Seventh Universe, (out of twelve.) Outside, the success of Battle of Gods has made it quite clear that the series spawned in the 1980s still has a vocal and sizable fanbase that is eager to see the series continue on and grow.

It’s unclear where another well-performing film will see the series go from here. Another Dragonball series is a possibility, though some fans felt that even the Majin Buu Saga was a bit much, citing that Goku’s sacrifice during the Cell Games and Gohan’s subsequent ascension to strongest character in the series was a fitting end in itself for the series.

Another movie in the next few years would be a logical next step–perhaps exploring one or more of the other universes? Regardless, that’s still a ways away. For now, we have Revival of F to look forward to.