The Crimson Bundle: Bundles Just Got Better


Today we are so used to seeing bundles of game and even games with consoles. Usually with bundles, it’s all for one franchise like the Gears of War bundle that had Gears of War 1 and 2, along with the DLC map pack for Gears of War 2. Other bundles are like the one with the Xbox One being released with Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Unity. Company Bundle Stars takes bundling to a whole new level with their stuff. They bundle all sorts of games together! One such bundle is The Crimson Bundle. This bundle comes with 10 games of all different genres and all different styles of play.


Crimsonland – This is the game you wanna play if you were a fan of the game Asteroids. This new rendition on the old PC game is awesome and does a great job on not only getting the blood pumping, but also keeps you coming back for more! This alien shooter is guaranteed to keep you entertained and busy for hours. Playing a lonely soldier, you must fight off hordes of aliens while using an assortment of weapons and powers such as nukes and abilities to freeze whatever enemies are on your map.

Rating: 8.5


Blue Flamingo – Galaga has got a new competitor when it comes to aircraft shooter games. Games like this are hard to come by due to the popularity of its predecessor Galaga. In Blue Flamingo, you are driving a futuristic ship and shooting down enemy ships, blowing up missiles and dodging the ever annoying death rays that spew out of opposing satellites. Filled with adrenaline pumping action, this game is a must have!

Rating: 8.5


War in a Box: Paper Tanks – Tower defense games never get boring and this is a game that will definitely test your strategy forming skills. Very comparable to Defense Grid, you position turrets that fire BB-styled balls at dragster vehicles that drive on this ever winding path to your health, which will lower if you can’t stop them in enough time. Fortunately, with the ability to upgrade your turrets already placed out on the field and the ability to add stronger turrets once they are unlocked, this tower defense game is sure to suck hours out of countless lives due to the addicting gameplay this offers.

Rating: 7.5


Violett – This fictional puzzle based adventure game starts you out as playing a young girl that runs to her room after her parents have a fight. She sees some strange eyes coming from a mouse hole in the wall and she reaches her hand in the hole only to be sucked into the darkness of the mouse hole. Finding out that she’s trapped in a cage with a fairy as a neighbor, you have to find stuff in the room you’re in that allows you to set yourself free from the cage and escape onto the next room. This is a fun, easy going puzzle game that requires a decent bit of thinking, but giving you a great sense of reward once the next room becomes available.

Rating: 4.5


Frederic: Resurrection of Music and Frederic: Evil Strikes Back – Ever wanted to play games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band on a computer, but without spending the 300$ on the game with instruments? Wait no longer because with the Frederic games, you get to play along to synthesized piano music and you use the keys on your keyboard to play the replicated piano keys on the screen. It’s an awesome and inexpensive way to get your music gaming fix without breaking the wallet.

Rating: 5.5


inMomentum – 3D mazes never looked so good. inMomentum is a first person maze styled game that has a sort of virtual reality look to it. Having to jump from platform to platform and shoot panels to disengage blockades that prevent you from moving forward, this game is quite an adventure and really adds an interesting twist to your normal everyday maze games.

Rating: 4


Antisquad – Antisquad is a turn based strategy shooter game that takes a set of armed military professionals and lets you take the driver seat on how to move this band of heroes through sections of southern American, pulverizing enemies along the way.

Rating: 4

Hero of the Kingdom – Life in the wilderness is great. Living with your dad and being out in the country, living the country life is picture perfect….until one day your dad comes up missing, a group a bandits raid your house and burn it to the ground, leaving you with nothing. So now it’s your job to find your father in a country that’s being riddled with darkness, with fear creeping around every corner in this adventurous game.

Rating: 5

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