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Tron: Legacy Sequel – What We Know

In 2010 Disney brought us into The Grid with Tron: Legacy. We watched Sam Flynn jump into the world his father created, to save his old man, restore The Grid, and save Tron. He also managed to meet a petty program along the way, named Quorra.

After returning to the real world, with his new lady friend and finally learning what happened to his father, you would think that’s cause for an end to days of adventuring. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as Tron gets its third installment, set to begin filming in October.

A film that Disney has been tossing around for quite some time, the latest movie in the franchise looks to be picking up where our last film left off, and will see a host of the stars from  the sequel returning, including Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra.)


The returning talent isn’t just limited to the screen, as Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron: Legacy looks set to direct. Not a surprising move by any stretch, but one that at least promises to bring a consistent feel to the upcoming film.

A financial success, the same cannot be said for Tron: Legacy‘s critical reception. The film left a lot to be desired for some, in terms of the characters and some plot issues. That being said, the Tron: Legacy was still heralded as a great film from a visual and musical standpoint, (though no word if Daft Punk will return for the soundtrack for “Tron 3”.)

How things have changed both in the real world, with Quorra’s new-found existence and Kevin Flynn’s sacrifice at the climax of Legacy, and where the film will choose to pick up is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, Quorra and Sam have started a family of their own by this point in time? Maybe it’s only been a few months, and new trouble is arising in The Grid?

Maybe Sora and/or Riku needs help saving Tron from Heartless, Nobodies, or Nightmares again?

What do you think, Tablets? What would you like to see the story be in the next installment of the Tron franchise? Sound off in the comments below!