The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 33

Did you miss us? Due to unforeseen technical problems, the Best Podcast on the Citadel took a forced vacation, but we are back in business now and ready to talk about the weeks biggest gaming stories. Hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka break down all the news from the world of video games, discuss what’s spinning in their consoles and whip out the weekly top 5 list.

This week saw some excellent game releases, and while Chris has to split his time between gaming and moving into his new house, Blake gets to spend all his time dying in Ori and the Blind Forest. They discuss this innovative new title, which some are calling the “Dark Souls of Metroidvania games”….OK, Chris is the only one who says that, but still, he has good reasons. It makes for a fun discussion, so listen in and see why everyone is gushing about this game.

News on tap this week includes the news out of EA and Respawn Studios that Titanfall 2 is confirmed and it is coming to PS4 (in addition to Xbox One and PC). We talk about what that means for the future of the franchise, and how it impacts the exclusivity game. Square Enix has asked the community to help them out and let them know what we want to see in the next Final Fantasy. We…..have some thoughts on the matter, and they actually don’t include remaking Final Fantasy VII. By the way, Square, you should totally remake Final Fantasy VII.

It’s also that time again where we pit the monthly Games with Gold lineup against the PlayStation Plus free offerings. Sony has dominated this competition lately,  but Microsoft really stepped up their game this month. Is this the month they steal the crown? Listen and find out! Our top 5  list this week centers around the best launch games ever. Is there a better feeling than opening a brand new console and experiencing the glory of a brand new gaming experience? We talk about our favorite games available with new consoles, and rank them accordingly. It’s all here and more, on the Best Podcast on the Citadel, and don’t forget to subscribe to us now on iTunes!

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  1. AngelsandDemons1

    I enjoyed the show….I read this great quote about depression once…described it as the body’s reaction to its inability to deal with emotional trauma…that “inability” to see the silver lining where you are only the dark cloud…it takes a really strong determination to seek out help and find that one thought or idea that makes one pass on the darkest choice…

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