Why You Should Download March 2015’s Games With Gold on Xbox One

Many an Xbox Live Gold Member in March has booted up their Xbox One to see that the Games With Gold for Xbox One this month is Rayman Legends, a game that was released at the end of 2013. For those not aware Games with Gold is Microsofts service that gives you a free game every month with your Xbox Live Gold Subscription. Now if you’re anything like me you probably ignored Rayman Legends because you are concerned about your hard drive space filling up. The reason why you should take the dive and download Rayman Legends is because it’s a co-op platformer that doesn’t punish you for having fun unlike other co-op platformers out there (Mario I’m looking at you).


Rayman Legends understands that if you give a group of people a tool to mess with each other then they will abuse it (grab mechanic from Mario anyone?). So they give you the slap mechanic, something allows you to mess with your friends but doesn’t punish your friends for using it because slapping can’t kill you. My friends and I got into a minute long slapfest at one point, why? Because it was fun to do, nothing else about it.

The other reason is of course there’s no life system, just checkpoints. So if your team sucks but you are pretty good you can just carry your team to victory. This also allows the level design to be built with single player in mind without the multiplayer feeling tacked on and in the way, which is exactly how Mario’s multiplayer feels. Thanks to this change you can focus less on losing lives and more on just having a good time. Now I know what you thinking (because I’m magic like that), “Well that sounds like the game is easy, and that’s boring.” Well not really because you also have to find lums (points) and these little guys called Teensies, this is both the fun, challenge, and objective of Rayman Legends. There’s something magical about seeing a Teensie and you and your friends getting into a mad rush to get it, and thanks to the lack of lives your not punished for failing which means you can try as many times as you’d like without frustration.


Now maybe you’re an anti-social kind of person who plays solo, what does this game offer for you? Well like I mentioned there’s the objective finding which is a lot harder when you’re playing solo because you can’t just spawn on your friends when you die. On top of that playing solo allows you to take in the atmosphere which, while over the top, is incredible nonetheless. This game looks like a cartoon and the worlds you go through are so varied and fun that I didn’t even notice the lack of any story and, trust me, the story is nonexistent here. Special praise goes to the musical levels however, after beating the boss of each world a musical level will open up to you. These are for the most part remixes of classic songs such as a Mariachi version of Eye of the Tiger or a remix of Black Betty, although I’m fairly sure there are a few original tunes in there.

Finally, this game has a crazy amount of replayaility, think you beat the game by going through the five main worlds? Wrong, because Dark Rayman will show up and invade all the worlds. Plus there are a ton characters to unlock, some of which (such as Vaas Rayman) are homages to other Ubisoft games like Far Cry or Splinter Cell. There’s also a 6th world in which you re-play every musical level but with an 8-bit twist to them, these are also the hardest levels in the game because your TV will start to act like a TV from the 1980’s. However, if that’s not enough there are an additional 5 worlds that port levels from Rayman Origins into Rayman Legends. Trust me you’ll be playing this game for a long time after the main quest is over if you so choose.


So there you go, just a few reasons why you should download Rayman Legends this month, if you haven’t done so yet. Have you downloaded Rayman Legends yet? If so are you enjoying yet? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back with daily for news, reviews, and so much more.