Bloodborne Officially Complete

Prepare yourself Souls fans; Bloodborne has almost arrived. Early this morning Sony Product Manager for Driveclub and Bloodborne, @That_Kid_Chris, made a post on Twitter confirming that the hotly anticipated Bloodborne has gone gold. In other words, the game is officially complete and ready to be manufactured and shipped. Along with the post were several photos from the Gone Gold Event from the night before. Several of which showcase special edition PS4s adorned with the Hunter that graces the game’s cover art.

Bloodborne will be huge a game for Sony as it is one of the only announced triple-A exclusive titles to hit the Ps4 this year. Leviathyn recently went hands-on at Sony’s PSX this past December and we came away quite impressed. It seems all signs point to the game being worthy of its pedigree in addition to appealing to both newcomers and longtime Souls series fan.

Could this be the game that will finally see mainstream success for the Japanese studio or is it destined to be a niche title? Either way we will find out when Bloodborne releases on March 24 in NA on PS4.