5 Great Gaming Atmospheres

These atmospheres will be based on in-game environment, interior location, game soundtrack, art style, and story. Remember to share your favorites in the comments below!

5) Rapture – BioShock

This is a game that truly immerses you and one that everyone should play. From Rapture’s mind-numbingly scary atmosphere to just about everything else in the game, BioShock is a memorable experience. There is honestly a lot to talk about in regards to location because of all the rooms and sections of Rapture you go through, but let’s stick to the bigger picture.

Rapture is an underwater metropolis with never-ending tunnels which connect buildings. It is infested with twisted and mechanical beings that have been corrupted by the strange happenings in Rapture. The postwar aesthetic of the game was fantastic because it was incorporated with advanced technology. It’s on a level of steampunk, but not entirely as it has maintained a postwar theme, unlike BioShock Infinite. The ambiance of every moment is eerie and the music that is played when your are in conflict intensifies every moment.


4) New Leaf Village – Animal Crossing

New Leaf is a personal favorite of mine. As with all Animal Crossing games, I dispensed hours of my life into this quaint and peaceful town. One of my most beloved aspects is the unique and atmospheric town songs. Kazumi Totaka really knows how to create the perfect song to fit the hour of the day. Strolling around the town and saying, “Hi” to my villagers during the early mornings was honestly the best start to my days.

The art style is vibrant and unique to the Animal Crossing series. The best part about the location is the customization of your village; as the mayor in your town you have the ability to construct different buildings and upgrade different stores. Accomplishing an upgrade is the best feeling because you can start to see your town expand and your villagers appreciate it. Despite being slightly confined to your village at most times, there is an island you can go to which has unique online activities and items. You can also visit friends’ villages via the train or you can go to peoples’ houses that you have met via StreetPass.

3) Azeroth – World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has certainly left behind fond and continuing memories with its bucket full of expansions. Despite its dated graphic style, it remains aesthetically superb with its brilliant design, and it boasts a tremendous amount of content. It’s hard to pick my favorite locations in the game because there are just so many. Outlands was released with The Burning Crusade, and it’s a personal favorite because of the diverse and unique environments each location has to offer. On one end you have natural, untouched landscape, and on the other you have a torn landscape with flowing energies and floating debris.

To keep it short, my favorite location in The Wrath of the Lich King is of course Ice Crown. For those who have played Frozen Throne, this is a major dream come true to experience seeing the hordes of scourge fighting and marching under the blue hue. Seeing the abominations of different creatures is truly magnificent; the art style of the creatures and environment really deserves major recognition.

2) Post-Nuclear Earth – Fallout 3

From its post-apocalyptic setting to its cheery and refreshing soundtrack, Fallout boasts a unique atmosphere. Despite the environment being a complete wasteland, it is infested with civilization and monsters that have been corrupted by the nuclear aftermath. Some of them are truly unforgettable figures ,such as the hulking, invisible super mutants.

From the start of the game you come from an interesting landmark (the Vault) where uncontaminated humans are kept, and the game continues to offer you new areas and people to befriend or stay away from. I fondly remember one of the main cities, Megaton, having a live bomb in the middle of it, and you have the option to detonate it or disarm it. The soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard, and I enjoy the soundtrack in New Vegas, as well. The main story is fairly interesting, as you discover what has happened to society, and on a smaller scale you can learn about local happenings with side quests.

1) Spira – Final Fantasy X

This is the first Final Fantasy I played and it’s such a memorable game that it continues to astonish me to this day. I remember more of the plot, environment, and events that happen within this game compared to my exam notes. I know, I know, but nerdiness aside it truly is an artistic masterpiece. This game has a breathtaking soundtrack and an impressive and engaging story with characters possessing lovable personalities.

The aesthetics of the game are fairly different from the other Final Fantasy games. The artistic design seems to be inspired by Southeast Asian architecture and culture, judging from Luca, Zanarkand, and Bevelle. Of course, there has to be some Final Fantasy flare added to make it a dreamland. Final Fantasy X has a special place in my heart and has earned this ranking for its creativity and memorable story.