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Throwback Thursday: Yu-Yu Hakusho

So, we took a little break, but as you’ve probably noticed there’s been no shortage of content from this guy as of late. And plus, with my snazzy new phone, I’m even reminded when Throwback Thursday is (every second Thursday of the month, just so you know (JSYK)) This time around though, we’re giving you it to you a little early. (You’re welcome, baby.)

However, now we’re back and with the latest installment of this series taking a look back at some older Anime today’s anime fan may not know much about. This month’s feature: Yu-Yu Hakusho!


The series focuses on a young punk named Yusuke Urameshi, a fourteen year-old junior high student, who ends up needlessly sacrificing his life to save a small child. Upon meeting the Grim Reaper, Yusuke is able to gain a second chance at life and becomes a Earth’s Spirit Detective, tasked with assisting in protecting the human race from forces of evil in the Demon World, for the Spirit World. Along the way, he gains many enemies, and makes some powerful friends who aid Yusuke as he attempts to grow stronger and protect those he cares for. Even learning of his unique heritage along the way.

Debuting in the early 90s, this series was pretty much what you’d expect, given the main-character. The humor was crude at times, but the characters almost always showed the heart they had, and with contrasting personalities, such as the hot-headed Yusuke and his rival Kazuma Kuwabara and the cool and collected demons, Hiei and Kurama (no, not THAT Kurama!) the action was typically well-evened out with measures of humor, though rarely to an unnecessary extent.

Throughout the series, the focus is less on character development in the traditional sense and more on revealing the characters behind their facade they’ve developed for whatever reason, and then growing said those qualities through the trials and tribulations Yusuke and his team deal with, such as their individual training or the enemies that push them beyond their limits.


With storylines that tend to be pretty diverse, (if they all end up with a lot of fighting,) and a host of characters that, if you don’t like from the start, would grow on you with time, Yu-Yu Hakusho is a series worth checking out if you’re a fan of Bleach or remember Shaman King.

Be warned, there are a couple of arcs that can lag, the Togoru Arc in particular is guilty of this. The Dark Tournament Saga is a bit long, but it’s forgiven because of the wide cast of characters ranging from the deathly serious to the outright adorable.

I definitely encourage everyone to watch at least the first couple of arcs to get a feel of what the series has to offer. You may like what you find.