Project CARS Delayed Yet Again; Wii U Version Cancelled?

Project CARS, the racing simulation from Slightly Mad Studios, has suffered it’s third delay. The game will now be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in ”mid-May”.

In a statement made by publisher Bandai Namco, the reason behind the third delay was ”due to the team’s continued dedication to polishing the game.” Apparently, the game is ”99.9% done” but the last 0.01% is made up of issues and bugs that have been ”tricky” to straighten out.

”There’s a high expectancy from racing fans around the world that Project Cars is going to be an exciting new contender in the simulation racing space and we firmly believe gamers deserve it to be in its most complete and polished state when they come to play it on day one,” said a spokesperson for Slightly Mad Studios.

In compensation for the delay, the developers will gift players with as-yet-unannounced free content which will be ”revealed shortly” and available from Day One.

In the announcement, there is no word on the previously revealed Wii U version of Project CARS. Does this mean that the Nintendo version is no longer on the cards? There has been no confirmation, but we will keep you updated if this changes.