Xbox One March System Update Is Now Available

Microsoft have unveiled their monthly update for the Xbox One, which contains a number of new features including the much requested ability to capture in-game screenshots.

Screenshots can be taken with a double tap of the guide button followed by pressing Y, or by saying “Xbox, take a screenshot” for those who have the added benefit of owning the Kinect. These can then be managed via the Upload app, in which they can be shared via the activity feed, messages and profile showcases, as well as Twitter and OneDrive.

New name sharing options have been added to the profile section along with a new Suggested Friends tab for those looking to boost their list of contacts on Xbox Live. A small update for Party Chat has also been released, which now shows indicators to identify whether each player is using a headset or their Kinect to communicate. Furthermore, new settings have been included to control Tile Transparency, which was introduced earlier this year.


Those who are willing to allow Microsoft to collect voice data for analysis when using Bing search, can now select this as an option via the Settings screen. Additionally, an increased number of spam messages have been identified by Xbox users in the last few weeks, which has been addressed in this update with the new ability to report messages as spam.

Finally, Australian TV fans will be glad to hear that the OneGuide is now available for free-to-air listings. The Digital TV Tuner which recently released in the UK, will also be making its way to Australia on March 25th.

Microsoft have been providing regular updates for their Xbox One console since release, including features such as External Storage support and the ability to stream directly to Twitch.TV. What would you like to see in the next update from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below.