halcyon 6



Get your old Star Trek uniforms and suit up cause we are going out of this world. With the new trailer for HALCYON 6, watching this trailer I have some thoughts on the matter and I am here to share them with you.

As the trailer starts off in the vast regions of space we see what the game offers. The first part shows us that we can train our crew inside ships and perhaps increase their skill level to better maneuver the ship. Next we have the crew fighting aliens outside of the ship using different abilities such as lasers. Crews also have different traits and phobias that can hinder them from working properly it is up to you to manage your band of misfits effectively. Now we have the building the base part where it seems you start small and expand your ship based on your liking and preference. You can also participate in ship fights across the galaxy against other space fairing species and use a wide array of skills emphasizing the need for strategy. You can also play poker with your ship mates and relax.

If you ask me it seems like the game has a lot to offer such as skill and crew customization and would be interesting for strategy gaming enthusiasts who love deep customization options. The graphics are simple but fit the overall vibe the game is going for. All in all a solid looking Space Strategy Game.