Gaming’s Gateway Drugs

Being a gamer is a way of life. We congregate at our conventions, we debate texts from the creator, and we offer our money to satiate the thirsts of game developers. It is not easy being a gamer, but it is even harder to turn someone else into a gamer. Let’s say you meet a girl or guy and they are absolutely amazing, a 10 out of 10, but they don’t play video games; what now? Well sometimes it is like a duck to water where you give them Call of Duty and within a few minutes they are pwning noobs with the best of us. With most people though it is like a giraffe to water; confused, scared, slow, and awkward.

The first step is to introduce them to gaming culture like Samus or Mario or whatever games you think they will like, basically show them the preverbal shallow end of gaming. After that play a few easy fun games with them like Bomber Man or Pokemon. These games are meant to be easy to learn, competitive, and fun for them because their first experience will dictate how they view games. Next bring them up a notch to games like Street Fighter or Tekken, games that are significantly more challenging and deep in story but pretty easy to control. This step is important because the games are easy to learn but hard to master and it will allow them to connect with characters and learn backstory which will connect them with gaming even more. Now that they have better hand-eye coordination and more appreciation for gaming let them play something more main stream like Call of Duty or Starcraft. This step is when they are able to play at or above your level of gaming and are waist deep in gaming culture and are loving it. Your last step is to take appreciation that you have someone willing to game with you and enjoy it while challenging you. Oh and remember time between these steps will vary from person to person and it will take time for them to adjust to being a gamer because as I have said being a gamer is a way of life.

You've got the idea.

You’ve got the idea.