Battlefield Hardline Runs 720p On Xbox One, 900p on PlayStation 4

Battlefield Hardline, the latest addition to the Battlefield franchise, will not run at full HD on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 when it releases March 17th.

In a tweet responding to a question asked by a fan, game developer Visceral Games revealed that the Xbox One will run 720p at 60fps, while the PlayStation 4 will run 900p at 60fps. In another question asked on Twitter, Visceral said that the PC version of the game will run at “Whatever your rig can handle.”

This is just one of the latest games to not be playable in full 1080p at 60fps, which has been promised from both Microsoft and Sony since they’re systems were announced in 2013. Battlefield 4, the latest release from the series, ran at exactly the same resolution for both the Xbox One (720p) and PlayStation 4 (900p).

Visceral Games has not yet given a reason as to why Battlefield Hardline has lower than 1080p resolutions on both systems.