New Xbox App Lets You Meet Like Minded Gamers

For those registered in the Xbox Live preview program some may have received a message regarding a new app called “Overdog”. To sum it all up the app is almost like a dating website (without the dating part) where you create a profile filled with some of your interests and meet people interested in the same things as you.

To quote the message I personally received it says “Now in Preview: Overdog! The first interest-based matchmaking service for Xbox One, create a profile and find others based on shared interests and preferred games.”

Still somewhat intrigued I took a trip over to the Overdog website and found out some more on the Overdog and to sum it up the app works in 3 basic steps.

1. Like Your Favorite Topics

“Navigate through the app and easily add your favorite teams, music, movies, and television shows.”

2. Match with Someone Awesome

“Overdog will suggest other people who share your interests. You’ll see how closely you’re matched and what they like.”

3. Go Play!

“Connect with other Overdog users and decide if you want to play now or add them as a friend for later.”

At the moment the app is being tested by the Xbox live preview program members as well no public release date has been announced but we can most likely expect it sometime soon as it seems the app is fully functioning.