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Mass Effect 4 Might Not Import Mass Effect Saves

It seems that Mass Effect 4 may not give you the option to import your old save files from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

In a conversation on twitter, developer Johnathan Warner replied to a question from a fan, stating that there is “no need to worry about saves”. Check out the tweet in question, here.

In my mind, this can mean one of two things for the game. Either Mass Effect 4 will be a prequel to the other Mass Effect games, rendering the choices made in that trilogy irrelevant to this story. Or, Mass Effect 4 will release with a feature akin to Dragon Age Keep which was used to transfer choices into Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Which would you prefer? Seeing Mass Effect 4 as a prequel title, or the use of a choice-creation feature as was used in Bioware’s previous title, Dragon Age: Inquisition? Let us know in the comments section below!