GTA V Online Heist Patch is Live and Huge

It looks like the new GTA V Online Heist Patch is beginning to go live for some players and it is big; the patch is reportedly 4.8 GB on Xbox One and 1.2 GB on Xbox 360. There have yet to be reports of the update’s size on PlayStation systems, but it will surely be hefty as well. The playability currently possible is likely to be limited by the number of people who actually have access to the update at the moment.

In addition to all this, the folks over at Xbox Achievements have uncovered nine new achievements that will be bundled with the update, adding 250 more GamerScore. Some of them seem easy enough, only requiring to complete or invest in a heist. Others seem a little tougher, a particular daunting one being to complete a heist without taking any damage.

The official release date for PlayStation and Xbox systems remains March 10th despite the update already being available to a select few.  The PC version is a little later, slated for an April 14th release.

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