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An In-Depth Look At The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6

After a long wait, Update 6 has arrived in The Elder Scrolls Online. This means that the Justice System, the Champion System, and the Collection System are now in place, three gigantic additions to the game. Check out this video for a quick breakdown of the update:

There are 3 main changes included in Update 6. The first is the Justice System. With this in play, players are now able to pickpocket (and assault) certain NPCs in settlement areas. These NPCs are surrounded by a soft, white glow, similar to the aura around enemies. To pickpocket someone, simply enter sneak mode and creep up behind them, noting the reticule stating whether or not you are hidden. When you’re close enough, you will be given a percentage chance on a successful theft. If you succeed, you are able to steal items, with a red symbol indicating that the item is stolen goods.

In addition to pickpocketing, most of the piles of crates, boxes and various containers in the world that you would normally be allowed to go around and loot freely, now count as owned. A red prompt indicates that taking items from them counts as stealing. Zenimax has also stated that there are certain “owned” houses that players can break into.

While I haven’t actually found any as yet, many of the houses you may enter normally do have containers filled with owned items. This makes for a much more realistic game. However, it does mean that players will no longer be able to simply raid houses for crafting materials without risk.


If pickpocketing and larceny are a bit too juvenile for your Khajiit thief, there is also assault and murder. You may now freely go around killing innocent civilians as you please. Note that doing this will attract the attention of guards, who are triple elites and nigh-impossible to kill. Other NPCs may also rush in to help – and people killed may or may not have anything to loot.

Naturally, crime has consequences and if you’re caught committing one of these unsavory acts, you gain a bounty. This will be displayed at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Additionally, there are 3 levels of bounty: disreputable, notorious and fugitive, all of which have different guard reactions. If you are slain by a guard, any stolen goods you are carrying are confiscated and an amount of gold is deducted to pay off your bounty.


The benefits to being a criminal include a new Skill Line: “Legerdemain” (sleight of hand), a new number of passive skills to assist you in the world of crime. Also new to Tamriel is the Outlaw Refuge, where you can sell your stolen loot to a fence and launder such items that you’d rather keep for yourself. Laundered items are ‘clean’ and can no longer be confiscated by guards! Lastly, there are a number of new achievements, to further encourage you to rob the good citizens of Tamriel of all they have (including their lives).

outlaws refuge screenie

Next up is the Champions System, for those veteran players who have defeated Molag Bal and are on their way toward the level cap. Once you hit Veteran rank 1 and continue earning XP, you’ll generate Champion Points. These can be spent in nine different constellations categorized into 3 groups: The Warrior, The Thief and The Mage. Each group affects your character differently, awarding health, stamina or magicka bonuses along with a number of buffs and passives depending on what you choose. Anyone who has played Skyrim will be familiar with this. As each constellation gets ranked higher, more powerful passives will become unlocked.

Champion system

The last of the 3 main updates is the Collections System. Tired of having to carry your pets and costumes around in your bags all the time? Well, this is no longer required- instead, you have a new shiny UI that allows access to all of your vanity pets, costumes and mounts at any time. Items you’ve yet to acquire are also shown, along with how you can go about getting your hands on them.


The Elder Scrolls Online will be going buy-to-play (subscription free) on March 17th, re-launching with the subtitle Tamriel Unlimited. The chronically delayed console versions will be coming June 9th for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

For more information on the game, be sure to check out Leviathyn’s review.

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