Airship: Conquer the skies, Over 9000 Zombies!, and A Druid’s Duel

As humans we all have in insatiable appetite for violence, I back this up with the fact that Viva Piñata and Farmville have never won any major gaming awards. This insatiable violence has drawn millions of people to buy games in which you brutally murder Nazis, vampires, zombies, fish, and goblins. For the people out there who want peace in their lives and don’t wish to virtually kill enough Nazis to make Hitler cry this week’s new releases on steam aren’t for you. This weeks releases definitely cater to those of us who like a little violence in our lives, oh and there might be some story too. So here is Airship: Conquer the skies, Over 9000 Zombies!, and
A Druid’s Duel


Airship: Conquer the skies
So if Mount and Blade, Guns of Icarus, and Pixel Piracy decided to have a night of mixing and matching IPs they would make Airship: Conquer the skies. From Mount and Blade the game gets its map movement so you can go from city to city as you plunder, blunder, and blast your way through the in game world leaving ship wrecks and city wreckages in your wake like a steam punk Attila the Hun. From Guns of Icarus it gets the airship combat obviously but it also gets the multiple ship battles. This means that your lone ship could end up in a 3 to 1 battle which means your skill as a captain will be put to the test. You will be under heavy cannon fire from the rear, your hot air balloon will be punctured and you might falling from the sky like a great meteor, and your most catastrophically your popcorn could burn! Finally from Pixel Piracy comes the ship creation and crew manipulation in which you can create your own ship from scratch, deck it out with all sorts of weapons, and then control your crew in the heat of battle. So if you want a steam punk game in which you are the captain of your own destiny then Airship: Conquer the skies is for you.


Over 9000 Zombies!
Zombie games are nothing new, in fact some would say they are as numerous as the zombies in the games. It is rare to find a new take on a zombie apocalypse, some might say zombies games are beating a dead horse. With both of those jokes being bad enough to warrant arrest and execution I believe it is time to talk about Over 9000 Zombies! This game is a top-down zombie shooter in which the player must run and gun their way though a massive hoard of zombies. This game also allows local and online multi player but thats pretty run of the mill. What interests me the most is the building and editing. Players are allowed to build their own compound and defend themselves in any way they can which can include upgrading your weapon or building a base out of whatever you can find. This mechanic means the player can control the battle against the undead and that allows the player a huge advantage when zombies are as numerous as Justin Bieber fans. This also means players can create maps and share them with other players which means an almost infinite supply of maps to splatter with zombie blood! Check it out at

A Druid’s Duel

In strategy games controlling the map is important. I cannot count how many times I have lost Total War because I put my archers on a tree line on the side of a hill and cavalry came down said hill and rammer my archers in the back routing them or how many times my infantry got slowed down by mud so archer volleys tore them to pieces or how many times my cavalry got baited into a spear charge and got destroyed, but enough about my failed career in gaming. A Druid’s Duel offers really interesting gameplay from a strategy perspective in that map control and unit optimization are key to winning. To control the map units must capture the tiles that make up the map, this allows units to use their powers and thus control more of the map. Unit’s powers can range from turning into a bear and mauling nearby druids to destroying tiles by making them fall from the map into an abyss. Both of these powers change the flow of the game and make strategy incredibly important. There are also a ton of maps so strategies will change from map to map thus making the strategizing and map control even more important. Check it out at