Outposts – Far Cry’s Hidden Gem.

The Far Cry series is often pushed under the rug, neglected in favor of Call of Duty or Battlefield. An open world FPS is a completely different beast to a game focusing on a multitude of small, highly detailed levels designed to push you along it’s most exciting path. Far Cry has always embraced freedom and given players a degree of choice in how they tackle the main missions and side quests, but I think it is the inclusion of outposts in more recent editions that has truly unlocked the potential Far Cry has always had…

I picked up Far Cry 4 not for the multiplayer, the shooting mechanics, the graphics or even the fabulous open world environment Ubisoft have so lovingly created. I chose it since it included another 20+ outposts to capture. The differences between Far Cry 4 and its major FPS rivals, combined with the freedom to tackle a base from anywhere in any way you want, gives you a huge variety of tools to help inspire your master plan and gives you the feeling of unscripted freedom that no other game in the genre has ever successfully offered.


Scouting in Far Cry 3

As an open-world addict I have always considered the Grand Theft Auto series the king of unscripted moments of gaming bliss, but Far Cry 4’s outposts can satisfy that craving for freedom with the quality gunplay and movement you see in Call of Duty or Battlefield. The AI in Far Cry 4 makes sure tackling each and every outpost is a challenge without making you feel cheated when you mess up. A failed attempt at a stealthy approach normally leaves you in a pool of your own blood, but you always know why it went wrong. However this failure can also lead to an all-guns blazing firefight that I feel can easily compete with others present in Far Cry’s rivals. A stealthy attack rarely goes 100% to plan, but always feels 100% satisfying to excute.


One of my favorite things about Far Cry 4 is the way these outpost missions are so well blended into a fantastic game in its own right: you don’t have to complete them at a specific point to progress, which lets you create a more personalized experience. The series has a charm and level of addiction others in its genre fail to achieve. Far Cry is one of the few games that can give you the same level of excitement in adulthood as a new pack of Pokemon cards could as a child, to achieve this from such an ambitious game is a truly remarkable feat.

The loud approach.

The loud approach.

Don’t be one of many who miss out on Far Cry in exchange for prestige level 5000000 on Call of Duty.