Five Allies Who could appear on Arrow

Over the past three seasons a large number of characters from the pages of DC Comics made the leap to new live-action interpretations on The CW’s Arrow. Deathstroke the Terminator, The Flash, and Huntress have all played friend and foe to Oliver Queen at some point in his life. But given Green Arrow’s more than 70 year history, a long line of characters have fought by his side that still have yet to appear in Starling City. Today we’re going to learn a bit more about these heroes.

1. The Question

"Few would ever think to ask The Question." - The Question

For those who grew up watching Justice League Unlimited, you may remember the many times the so-called “crackpot” known as The Question crossed paths with Green Arrow. Needless to say, these two made for a fun duo. The man once known as Victor Sage is somewhat of an outcast (which says something in the Hero Community.) A conspiracy theorist of the weirdest kind, his nature often overshadows the fact that The Question is a skilled detective.Doesn’t hurt that he’s also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained in Nanda Parbat by one of the greatest martial-artists the DC Universe has to offer.

In recent times however, a more supernatural take on the character has arisen in the wake of Flashpoint. A man of unknown origin, but incredibly dangerous to the magical world and Earth, this unknown man argued that shall the council presiding over magic not strike him down, he will rise again and they will fear his name. So, in an ironic twist, his name was removed from history and his own memory and he is cursed to walk the earth seeking answers he’ll never find. So was his punishment as a member of the Trinity of Sin.

Perhaps Victor Sage could shed some light on recent revelations from this week’s episode; also maybe on the already established Nanda Parbat, the mysteries surrounding The League and many other characters, like Ra’s Al Ghul or other elements in Starling City.

2. Vigilante


I’m not going to lie, at times, Arrow can be a bit of a downer. The constant deaths and people turning up missing can do that for you. However, I think the perfect remedy for that is a wise-cracking cowboy character. Luckily, DC has just the man for the job in Greg Saunders, The Vigilante. How could you not like this guy? Using a pair of pistols and a lasso given to him by his father, Greg is pretty much cowboy to the core.

At first glance, he may seem a bit out of place making his way to Starling City, but I think he could add an element of fun to a rather dark series without drawing too much attention. The guitar-playing character could even find himself writing a theme song for the Oliver as he’s done for another.

3. Richard Dragon


So remember that line about The Question being trained by one of the best martial-artists DC has to offer? Enter Richard Dragon. His origins, a classic tale: A young thief attempting to steal a jade Buddha, is taken in by a kindly old man. This young man would become one of the greatest fighters on Earth, having trained such skilled fighters as Batman and Huntress.

Oliver Queen has gone head-to-head with a number of skilled fighters. Not always to his benefit and with his latest mentor in less-than-stellar condition, perhaps it might be time for another stint as the student. Likewise, with the missions undertaken by the Suicide Squad, perhaps Ben could enlist the aid of his fellow pupil as an honorary member of Task Force X? So many roads to take with Dragon, it’s a wonder he hasn’t shown up yet.

4. The Crimson Avenger


Known as the world’s first costumed crime-fighter, Lee Travis’ origin as the Crimson Avenger starts with him being dressed in a “Highway Robber” costume  at a charity ball that ends up being robbed. A woman is shot for her gold lighter. Travis is witness to the woman’s dying words, “Qui Vindicet Ibit” (the Avenger will come in Latin) and pursues the thieves. He apprehends all but one of the thieves (one being shot by a farmer,) and finds the woman’s lighter, which has the same phrase inscribed on it. When the police arrive on the scene, they’re told that a “Crimson Avenger” was responsible for stopping the thieves.

Equipped with a special gas gun, the theatrics of the Crimson Avenger could be a fun play off the more stoic Arrow, but work well with his partner in crime, Arsenal. I think given the similar color schemes and character dynamics, that Arsenal could find a suitable mentor-figure in someone like Lee. Not that Oliver isn’t a fine mentor, but he’s got a lot on his plate as of now.

1. Allan Quatermain


Yep. As it turns out, Allan Quatermain has been a character in DC Comics, as a member of The League. Not of Assassins or even a Justice League, but one of Extraordinary Gentleman. A curious choice, no doubt, but one I think would make for an interesting addition given the most recent events unfolding in Arrow. Given his skills as a hunter and his apparent immortality due to the Fire of Life, he could prove an asset to Team Arrow…if his addictions don’t catch up to him.

DC Comics contain a host of some of the most amazing and iconic characters in history to pull from for their television series. Aside from Oliver Queen/The Arrow, we’ve seen Wildcat, Arsenal, The Atom, Firestorm, The Flash, and a host of other famous characters make their way to live-action–some for the first time. As DC Comics continue to push their television empire forward with shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Constantine, and other projects, the chance to see your favorite heroes grows more likely all the time.

Sound off below on who or what you’d like to see make it to television, whether it be as guests on Arrow, The Flash, or any upcoming DC property, or maybe you’d like to see someone or a group of someones get their own show? Maybe a Doom Patrol series? The Metal Men? The floor is yours, internet!