Mad Max Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses & More

Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open world post-apocalyptic game, Mad Max, has officially received a release date. Mad Max will be coming out in North America on September 1st, 2015 and shortly after in the UK on September 4th, 2015.

Mad Max was originally revealed at E3 in 2013 and set to be released in 2014. However, it was among the many games set to come out in 2014 to be delayed for a 2015 release. Furthermore, while it was also being developed for last-gen console (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), Avalanche Studios’ has chosen to focus on the current-gen consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) and the PC release, according to Game Informer.

Despite being released only a few months after the movie counterpart, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avalanche Studios’ will be presenting an original story into the world of Mad Max.

If you plan or already have pre-ordered Mad Max, you will also be getting The Ripper, an “additional fully upgradeable magnum opus car body”.

Mad Max isn’t Avalanche Studios’ only open-world game coming out this year, they also have plans to release the next entry into the beloved Just Cause franchise, Just Cause 3.

Though with the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain being revealed as being on the same day as Mad Max’s North American release, one might wonder if Avalanche Studios’ might postpone the release or even bring it forward to avoid the competition?

In any case, we’ll be sure to keep you covered on any news concerning either of Avalanche Studios’ highly anticipated games.

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