Hirunaka no Ryuusei: The Pentagon of Love

Hirunaka no Ryuusei is a sweet lighthearted, pure love, school life, shoujo manga written and drawn by Yamamori Mika. This school life manga showcases the pure love of Suzume, a country girl who had to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle for a while. Almost immediately as the series starts, she stumbles over her new found emotions and feelings that come with a blossoming forbidden love with her teacher and learning how to make friends after moving to Tokyo. As you delve into the HnoR, you witness Suzume’s downfalls and triumphs with love and friendships in the first thirty chapters or so. You may even find it to be amazing at how dense Suzume is in the first half of the manga series, where the Square of Love is revealed between Suzume (main character), Satsuki-sensei (first love and teacher), Daiki-chan (first friend who loves Suzume), and Yuyuka (second friend who loves Daiki).

During the latter half of the series, The Pentagon of Love comes into play!!!! We are introduced to our fifth wheel, Togyuu, an upperclassman who is in love with Yuyuka!!! Togyuu is our comic relief in this series. He’s flirty, cute and some secrets that only Yuyuka finds out. Togyuu can see through the facade that Yuyuka-chan puts on for her classmates and still loves her nonetheless *doki doki*, what a guy! As you the reader zip through pages upon pages, you will also see new loves formed, old loves cut loose, and more friends that add a nice flare to the manga.

In the end, TRUE LOVE triumphs over all, Suzume finds the guy that was truly meant for her. Yuyuka also finds her guy if you couldn’t tell already. Over all, it was nice story that will definitely provide you with a lot of chuckles. The emotions of the characters were a bit shallow, but are still emotionally moving for readers as the series progresses towards the end. There are several delightful twists and turns as you read the series. This manga provides relief from all the blood and gore out there and is also a cute read for those who can’t just seem to get enough of the mushy stuff.