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HD Remasters We Want To See

Many older games have seen new HD remaster releases. Console and PC hardware have advanced way beyond the capabilities of what was possible back in the days of local multiplayer sessions, no DLC and blowing into cartridges. The concepts and ideas of the games of the past can be remade in spectacular HD fashion – just look at the recent Resident Evil HD remaster.

Endless sequels, prequels and DLCs sustain popular games for years. If a game sells well and gets good reviews, it makes sense to keep pumping out more. But what about the forgotten games of yesteryear? There are so many classic games that are just crying out for a HD remaster. Resident Evil got the HD treatment – why can’t these?


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SCE Cambridge Studio’s classic hack and slash adventure is a perfect candidate. In this PS1 game you play Sir Daniel Fortesque, a one-eyed skeleton warrior on a quest to defeat the Zarok and restore his reputation of heroism and valour.

The Medievil series consisted of a couple of releases – the 1998 first entry, a sequel in 2000 and a PSP re-release of the first in 2005. It’s been 17 years since Medievil 1 was on the shelves, just about time for another.

An amusing Tim Burton-esque game, Medievil had a lot to love: loads of unlockable weapons – the chicken drumstick being the clear winner, great boss fights like the Stained Glass Demon, and brilliantly designed and varied levels – from graveyards to a ghost-filled pirate ship.

Medievil would be a perfect game to remaster. Perhaps From Software could get their hands on the rights to the IP and get started on a Souls-style version of Medievil in full HD glory. I’m already excited.


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Grand Theft Auto in a school. The idea sells itself. To be fair though, GTA-anything is always going to make millions for Rockstar Games. So why haven’t they made a HD remaster or even sequel for Bully (Canis Canem Edit in some regions)?

From going on panty-raids to stuffing nerds in bins to hiding from bullies in lockers, Bully was a pretty much perfect game. The protagonist Jimmy was brilliantly written – he could easily be seen as a 16 year old Tommy Vercetti. Bully is the stereotypical school experience every roguish kid wanted to have.

If any studio has the capability to make a cracking game, Rockstar is the number one contender. Easter Eggs in GTA include references to a Bullworth University (Bully was set in Bullworth Academy). Does this mean we’ll get to enjoy skipping lectures to flirt with girls and throw stink bombs in the library in a future release ? Pretty please, Rockstar!


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Stand aside Halo. Out of the way, Call Of Duty. Battlefield who? Timesplitters is the best multiplayer FPS of all time. Any game that pits monkeys against giant calamari is pretty darn great in my opinion.

Developed by the defunct Free Radical Design (now Crytek UK), Timesplitters 1, 2 and Future Perfect were the source of countless hours of couch-based multiplayer sessions. The game had, a decent time travel-based story, a whole load of challenges to beat and absolutely loads of unlockable characters – Badass Cyborg was obviously the best.

Since 2005’s Future Perfect, there have been many whispers, rumours and hints of a Timesplitters 4, but there has never been anything substantial to suggest that it’s in the works. There is a fan-made remake called Timesplitters Rewind being developed, however, but we will have to wait and see if anything materialises from that project.

Timesplitters 2 was definitely the favourite of the series. A HD remake with online multiplayer would be perfect, and would be the exact game the latest generation of console needs to give a boost to the flagging experience of local couch-based multiplayer.


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Ubisoft’s well-received FPS XIII (Thirteen) was one of the best games of the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era. Based on a Belgian graphic novel series, XII had a brilliant comic book cel-shaded style and featured a variety of stealth- and action-based missions, as well as multiplayer mode.

XIII was a unique game with a brilliant soundtrack and voice acting from X-Files’ David Duchovny. After suffering a head wound and amnesia, the protagonist goes on a mission to rediscover his identity and, in typical action style, save the world while he’s at it.

This was a beautifully stylised game, which had a great story and visual design. If any of the games in this list deserve a HD remaster, it’s definitely XIII.