How Nintendo Could Dominate Technology

Imagine a world where a Steve Jobs-like innovator was running the show at Nintendo. That, my friends, would be called “world domination.” Nintendo seems to do things that don’t make a lot of sense. For instance, the Wii U was a move that has never quite made sense to me. The exclusivity of the Amiibo line is essentially the equivalent of taking a huge amount of money and throwing it into an incinerator. Also, they continue to beat a dead horse with their 3DS by throwing an almost obsolete technology into the ring year after year. Don’t get me wrong, all of those products that I just named, I own. I love Nintendo. I have extremely high hopes for them regardless of how much I think they are screwing up. I think they are doing a lot of things right, but I also think they are doing a lot of things wrong. With just a couple of tweaks here and there, I think they could be doing everything right.

Get Listed on American Stock Exchanges

Currently, Nintendo’s stock is only listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. An American investor can still get their hands on Nintendo’s stock, but it is not as easy as it normally would be if they were listed on American exchanges. If you manage your own financial portfolio you have to get approval to trade on other countries stock exchanges from whatever brokerage you use. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard. Regardless, it is not as easy as trading any company listed on the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange, for instance. If Nintendo would make it easier for American investors to buy their stock, then they would also have reasons to start appealing to America and her investors. Come on, Reggie, bring it on home, man.


The Next Nintendo Handheld – A Phone

If you haven’t noticed, both Sony and Microsoft have smart phones with their name on them. Nintendo needs to finally jump over the line that is stretched between video game company and technology company. Smart phones and the 3DS are two very popular things in Japan, but what if Nintendo could combine the two?  A phone that could play 3DS caliber games would absolutely destroy the market for application based mobile games. That would be equivalent to Nintendo monopolizing the whole Japanese phone market. Not to mention the added bonus of games with micro-transactions, which they already have on their 3DS eShop (example: Pokemon Shuffle.) On a phone, Nintendo branded games could make a gigantic amount of money. Nintendo is leaving way too much money on the table by comfortably staying in the video game ecosystem. They need to step out of their comfort zone and become the technology giant that they should be.

Pokemon With Required Amiibo Function

Let’s face it, as ridiculous as this Amiibo trend is, and even though the rarity levels are absurd, it is awesome. I go hunting for them as much as I can. The actual functionality of them (that barely anyone utilizes) is a step in the right direction, but seems like it was executed poorly. That level of exclusivity applied to the Pokemon franchise would be revolutionary for the series. I know that my friends and I would spend way too much time and money scouring the world for the rarest Pokemon Amiibo. Come on, you just gotta catch ‘em all.

Let me throw a hypothetical out there: retailer exclusive Pokemon that you have to go and wait in line for and/or race to pre-order. Not only would an array of them look awesome on my shelf, but individually leveling them up in-game would be a fun time as well. There would actually be a reason to throw your high level Amiibo up on eBay for a higher price. A extra market inside of their existing market does not seem like a bad idea. All around, that just seems like a smart business decision for the company and the consumer.


Better Utilization of Properties

Nintendo has their hands in some of the greatest intellectual properties ever. Things they have not done well is utilize those properties outside of the video game ecosystem. Do you remember the Super Mario Bros. movie? That one still has me feeling sour. Recently, Nintendo announced that they were partnering with Netflix to bring a Legend of Zelda show into the world. My fingers and toes are both crossed in light of this news. If that series gets the treatment that the Super Mario Bros. movie got, then all hope is lost. But just picture how awesome it could be if it is done correctly. Nintendo needs to do a better job at utilizing their existing properties better than they have.

Please do not keep making exclusives for the “New” 3DS. Due to this shipping strike that happened recently, the “New” 3DS has not gotten into as many hands as projected. The newest addition to the Xenoblade series is exclusive to that device, and in my opinion, it should not be. I understand the promotion aspect that they are going for, but it just seems flat out wrong. This is just another case of Nintendo utilizing their properties incorrectly. There was never an exclusive title as large as Xenoblade that was made exclusive to the 2DS when it was announced, and there should not be any now that there is a “New” 3DS. Get your worthwhile properties into as many hands as possible.

Bottom Line

Nintendo is like the Kevin Durant of video games. Nobody roots against them, but they just keep falling short. With a few changes in the company and a few tweaks to things they already do, this company could begin their quest for world domination. In all honesty, it’s a lot easier to judge from the outside. I am a huge Nintendo fan, which is why I think about how to improve them so much. I am not disappointed in everything they do, I am just critical because of my love for them. And just ask my ex-girlfriend, I am very critical of the things I love.

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  1. Tim Gruver

    Oh, Pokémon Amiibo is totally happening and I imagine Nintendo combining its 3DS touch-screen with more of a phone interface, but I doubt they’d be a service provider anytime soon. That’d require a remodeling of the company for a sector they’re not invested in, not yet with shaping up the Wii U’s image. As for your girlfriend, well, I wonder if she’s reading this. 😉

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