GTA Online Heists: What We’re Looking Forward To


GTA Online has entertained us for almost a year and a half now, hardly disappointing at any point in its short life span. There is one major downfall to the current version of GTA Online, and that is heists. We expected them on launch and still we haven’t gotten them, we have waited, we have been teased into believing they’d be coming soon, multiple times, and still we have not gotten them. Now, with Rockstar having announced a definitive date for the launch of this much awaited update to the already massively entertaining game that is GTA V, we can finally jump in joy and rejoice for Heists is coming soon, March 10th soon. In this article I will go over and express some of the things that me and many others are hoping too see in this huge update, and what we are afraid too see.

If we’re talking about Heists we should probably cover something that a lot of people are worried with falter in the coming update, and that is team work. A lot of folks seem to be worried that teamwork will either be harshly required, making it difficult for solo players too fully experience heists when they come out. The other side of the argument is that it wont be required enough making it feel really lack luster and bland. These are both valid concerns, and here’s what I think. I believe that Rockstar is going to nail this, I feel that this was one of the biggest concerns on the table for them. It needs to feel like a heist and it needs to play like one. They have taken their merry sweet time with this update and I believe that the perceived issues on teamwork could be one of the biggest reasons why. Rockstar has a stellar reputation for taking their time and making their products worth the wait. Teamwork is going to be an unavoidable issue, it is with any multi player cooperative game. Solely because some people just don’t like to play along and work well with others. Team work is a concern, but not one too lose sleep over.

Next on the agenda we can bring up content. I personally was concerned with there being a small amount of content and the update will feel empty for the amount of time we all waited for it. I have played a lot of GTA Online already and there’s the concern that I will miss out on a lot of the lower level heist content simply due to being “overpowered”. Generally, however, Rockstar has balanced out GTA online incredibly. I can replay low level missions and still have fun with them, and sometimes even be challenged by them. I doubt Rockstar will have ignored this, its true they have been working on a lot lately and Heists, sadly, hasn’t been their top concern until recently, but I know they will shine when it comes to replay value.

And last but not least. The size of the heists. If these are solidly planned out and huge scale heists at least on the later end of things. It will be massively refreshing and rewarding to play. However the concern lies in if they create a bunch of short simple missions instead of larger scale bank robbery style heists. According to an interview IGN gave with Imran Sarwar, lead mission designer at Rockstar, there will be multiple different rewards for certain criteria achieved in each mission. Taking that into account and the fact that we know some missions will have teammates splitting to achieve their separate goals and others will have them all working together towards the same objective. I think its safe to say we can have pretty high hopes for heists when they finally launch on March 10th.