fable legends

Fable Legends Will Be Free-to-Play

Fable Legends, the upcoming 4v1 RPG from Lionhead Studios, will be free-to-play upon it’s launch later this year. The announcement was made on the game’s official website yesterday.

The game will follow the same free-to-play strategy as Riot Games’ massively successful MOBA League of Legends, with a system that will rotate hero characters on a two week basis, with a set of 4 new characters being made available to players each fortnight. Players will also be able to purchase heroes and villains, allowing access to them whenever they want, with real-world or in-game money.

Gold and Silver will be the currency for in game, with Gold being purchasable while Silver will be earned through completing missions and tasks from within the game. However, Lionhead stresses that the game can be played through ”without spending a single penny”.

On the hero side of things, items such as customisation materials and treasures will be available to buy alongside the characters themselves. In a nice addition, all the XP and skills you earn while playing as a particular hero will be available each time that hero becomes available, no matter whether or not you buy them outright. When it comes to villains, you will be able to gain the allegiance of different creatures to join your battle against the 4 heroes. You will also be able to earn, or buy, different traps to set up in matches.

Lionhead haven’t announced a pricing system yet, but they did release the trailer below detailing the huge change to the way the game will be distributed and played.

While the game still doesn’t have a solid release date, it will launch for both PC and Xbox One and will feature cross-platform play.