Upcoming MMO, Crowfall, Meets Kickstarter Goal in 3 Days

This Tuesday, ArtCraft Entertainment launched a kickstarter campaign for their debut game, Crowfall, with a goal of $800,000. They surpassed that goal this morning, in just over three days. This means that the remaining 26 days of the campaign will simply be used to generate extra income to put towards work on some more long term goals for the game.

ArtCraft Entertainment was founded in Austin, TX, by two veterans of the genre, each with years of experience. Their ambitious new MMO sets out to challenge World of Warcraft as king of the genre by blending strategy and MMO, and creating something different than anything else already on the market.

crofall charaters

There are many interesting features and nuances to be included in this game, possibly the most interesting is the maps themselves. Each campaign will take place on a map that undergoes the four seasons and when winter ends, the game ends. When the game ends, the map ceases to exist, all players keep their winnings, go home, and strategize for their next campaign. Furthermore, each map will be completely destructible and randomly generated, so no map will be the same.

Since the game will be made up of shorter campaigns, each campaign will have customizable rules, making the game more versatile and adding replay value. The game will also feature customizable characters, economies, and a complex combat system.

Crowfall’s release is surely far away, but as of now, it looks awesome and will be worth keeping an eye on.