Top 10 Final Fantasy Weapon Designs

The weapons are just as memorable as our most favourite final fantasy characters. It’s hard to see Cloud without his Buster Blade! Today I will be showing you my top 10 favourite weapons throughout the Final Fantasy series. Feel free to share your thoughts and your favuorites in the comments!

10) – Bowsword – Serah – Like always Final Fantasy like to provide us with amazing and unique weapon designs, although, this weapon is tame compared to the list ahead it’s still a design unlike any other in games. There is also a n uncannysurprise about the weapon, it’s actually a Moogle. What.

9) – Lance – Fang – Talk about a weapon fitting someones personality, I think the developers hit the nail on the head with character design with Fang and her Lance. She’s elegantly dressed in light clothing which allows for her swift and dramatic attacks.

8) – Brotherhood – Tidus – Final Fantasy 10 was my first FF game and it was certainly one of the most memorable ones for me. -tears up- This particular picture of Tidus just reminds me of the Besaid Island soundtrack when you was up on it and it’s when you meet the gang too. Must play it again now!

7) – Cerberus – Vincent – This gun screams let me shoot with you in real life! Another one of Final Fantasy’s masterpieces and its such a great gun to accompany a phantom like assasin character.

6) – Longsword – Genesis – I remember when I first saw this sword in a cut scene between Zack and Sephiroth. It’s a long red blade which is designed precisely for a clean but sharp finish then it is decorated with a decorative hilt.

5) – Buster blade – Cloud – I have seen this sword been created in real life and one thing that sticks is the sheer size of this sword. I think that its a brave concept and one that can only be done in Final Fantasy and it has been amazing executed. I love the fact that it can also split into several swords for immediate replacement.

4) – Blazefire Saber – Lightning – I remember seeing the trailer for FF13 and seeing this sword, I absolutely love how it folded into a compact sword and I loved seeing how it was used in battle. There is this one victory scene where Lightning just flicks he sword back into a square. 10/10 for imagination.

3) – Masamune – Sephiroth – Speaking of iconic weapons Sephiroth wields one of them. It’s an uber long katana that can easily slice through buildings. Advent Children is the place to go to in order to see this weapon in its greatness.

2) – Motor Sword – Noctis Lucis Caelum – This sword comes from the newly awaited Final Fantasy. This sword immediately caught me eye because of its bulky structure. It’s clad with engine parts but there’s something strangely appealing about it, despite that can’t wait to see if there any special functions to it.

1) – Gunblade – Squall Leonhart – This weapon has been one of my all time favourites and will continue to be because of it’s amazing design. It’s a gun, and a blade! What, how hardcore can you get. It’s also practical for long and short range combat. Come at me bro’s.