Oddsmakers: What to Expect At Bethesda’s E3 Conference

When Bethesda announced they would be hosting their first ever E3 conference earlier this month, the gaming community went absolutely mad. Excitement, confusion, skepticism, anger—it was a buffet of emotions. This is a huge move for the acclaimed publisher to make. While Bethesda may be a powerhouse in the eyes of the gaming community, this is a whole other level. This is their first foray into the big time. Going up against your peers is one thing, but this put Bethesda in a class with Ubisoft, EA, and Activision.

In order for Bethesda to sneak their way atop the pyramid, they’re going to need to bring some serious heat. This point has a lot of people wondering, “What exactly does Bethesda have up their sleeve?” So let’s have a little fun with this, shall we? I’m going to play Vegas bookie and throw some odds out there. We’ll go in order from most likely to least likely.

EVEN – Fallout 4


It’s coming. Everyone knows it’s coming. Everything from now until June is simply a formality. As rumors and speculation continue to grow, this will cement itself as one of the most anticipated games of the show. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get a trailer, extensive gameplay, or even a release date. Bethesda has plenty of bullets in the chamber, but none would hit quite as hard as one of their two biggest franchises gracing the stage with its presence.

3/2 – Battlecry


Love ’em or hate ’em, free-to-play multiplayer games have become a force in the industry. We don’t know much about Battlecry, and that’s what makes it a perfect candidate for E3. Not only should we expect Battlecry to make an appearance at Bethesda’s conference, but I expect Battlecry to have a huge presence on the showroom floor. Don’t be surprised if Battlecry emerges as a top contender for game of the show amidst all the AAA powerhouses.

2/1 – Dishonored


Despite its commercial success, along with becoming a staple of many 2012 Game of the Year lists, I never felt Dishonored received its just due. First installments of new IPs are always tricky. Glitches, design flaws, and uneven gameplay mechanics are a dime-a-dozen. Dishonored didn’t suffer from any of that. It’s mundane story aside, Dishonored could very well be the best stealth game of the past ten years, and building upon the rock-solid foundation it set three years ago, I would be delighted to hear that a new installment is making its way to our homes.

8/1 – Doom


We’re told this game exists. Some people have even seen it in action. When Doom was shown behind closed doors at last year’s QuakeCon, I thought for sure we’d be seeing more of it shortly after. More than half a year has passed and I’m still sitting here waiting. What was shown behind those doors has become so enigmatic, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything in terms of what stage of development this game is in. I wouldn’t expect much beyond a trailer, teaser, or short snippet of gameplay, but knowing that this game is still alive and kicking would be both exciting and reassuring.

15/1 – Rage


One of the more polarizing franchises in Bethesda’s library, Rage is definitely a “take it or leave it” kind of game. Far too often, the label of being pretty good becomes an unfair stigma of mediocrity in the gaming industry. Rage is objectively a good game, but in an age of FPS overexposure, sometimes good just doesn’t cut it. That being said, Rage is due for another installment. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too lost in the fold.

30/1 – Brink 2


Brink was a classic case of “great concept, poor execution.” The elevator sales pitch hits all the right notes: fast-paced action, cool futuristic setting, chaotic multiplayer madness. Everything seemed to be so great in theory. Of the franchises on this list, Brink is the most in need of a total overhaul. All these caveats aside, if all the right moves were made to put this franchise in the direction it needs to go, Brink 2 could be a real treat.

40/1 – Quake 5


You want to make a splash? You want to get people talking? Give them what they want, even if they have no idea they wanted it. We haven’t seen a Quake title in ten years, but that doesn’t hold it back from being one of the most popular cult franchises ever. With a rich legacy and an insane fanbase behind it preserving that legacy, the announcement of a new Quake title would create enormous buzz.

50/1 – The Elder Scrolls VI


With this being the year of Fallout, I would be pretty surprised if we saw anything from The Elder Scrolls this year. That being said, if Bethesda decides to go all guns blazing with this conference, I’m sure they could whip up a teaser trailer that would push the internet into hype overload. It’s no mystery that The Elder Scrolls VI is being developed. Of course it’s being developed! Whether or not Bethesda decides to keep this one tucked away is up to them.

10,000/1 – Wayne Gretzky Hockey


Whatever…I can dream.