Odd World: New ’n’ Tasty and Paparazzi.

Hey everyone, second part from the steam new release series. Last time we covered Hot Tin Roof, Caribbean!, and Boring Man. They were respectively a noire crime solving game where you play as a cat, a pirate RPG that plays like Mount and Blade, and finally a 2-D Call of Duty with more color and less story. This time I will be covering Odd World: New ’n’ Tasty and Paparazzi.

Odd World: New ’n’ Tasty
Being a huge fan of the Odd World Series I am incredibly excited for a new addition to the series even if it just a reboot. In the game you play as Abe who was a simple janitor for Oddworld’s biggest meat processing plant until one day he stumbled upon his boss’s secret plan to turn the entire work force into slaves. For finding this secret he is sentenced to death by grinding saw blades but he escaped. Abe must then use platforming and puzzle solving to save as many of his friends as he can and escape. The platforming in this game looks like it will definitely live up to the standards set from its predecessors considering you will be jumping over carnivorous animals, maneuvering through electrical gates, and avoiding blast happy guards; but the meat of the game is the story. Abe is not all that he seems to be so you must discover the truth through exploring temples, abandoned buildings, finding out ancient prophecies, and even looking to the sky itself. It turns out that Oddworld is a little…odd. Check it out at



As kids we all payed hide and seek and as adults we see how celebrities get chased by the paparazzi constantly. Now combined the hide and seek concept with the incessant photo taking and you have Paparazzi, a competitive online hide and seek game with paparazzi chasing and photographing the celebrities for money. In the game you play as the celebrity or the paparazzi. The celebrity is trying to stay hidden from the paparazzi by hiding in crowd, behind signs and buildings, and using their powers to trick the paparazzi or distract him. This is easier said than done though because the screen is constantly moving so the celebrity must move too. The paparazzi do what they usually do, they take picture to earn money, but they are high in the sky and not in the bushes when they are snapping their shits. This money the paparazzi earns is constantly competing against the celebrity’s dignity and whoever has the most money or dignity at the end wins. Go ahead and check it out at