The Memory of Eldurim to be shown at GDC 2015

Liminal Games will be at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) showing off their new RPG, The Memory of Eldurim, and demonstrating the power of the new CRYENGINE. The event will take place in San Francisco between March 2-6.

Liminal Games has the honor of being the first company to partner with Crytek under an indie license agreement. The company has been invited to host a live theater demo of The Memory of Eldurim to an audience during the expo portion of the company. The goal of the presentation is said to provide audience members with a firsthand look and an understanding of how indie developers are using the CRYENGINE to create projects.

“Our game serves Crytek as a demonstration of how their powerful engine can be used by anyone to make a beautiful game,” said Liminal Games founder, Bryan Excell.

The power of the CRYENGINE has allowed the company the company to create a high-end game that touches on all aspects of a quality game with only a few developers actually contributing.

The Memory of Eldurim has been described as Skyrim meets Dark Souls. The game emphasizes fun melee combat, a deep and interesting magic system and a living world with lots of NPCs, factions, and quests. The game also offers a distinctly unique leveling system where rather than picking a class, grinding through various levels, and allocating points towards different attributes, each ability or proficiency must be earned through the player’s actions. Each character begins as a ‘blank slate’ and gains endurance with each step run, gains defensive marks with each blow parried or gains magical potency with each spell cast. Each friend made draws players closer to one faction while isolating others. The game is played in a living world where players become summations of every action and every decision made.

Though the game is not yet finished, The Memory of Eldurim has been released on Steam as part of Steam’s Early Access. The studio highly believes in ongoing development and invites everyone to play their game and offer feedback. Such as one Steam reviewer, who had the following to say: “Most indie games sacrifice great graphics in favor of faster development cycles and thoroughly fleshed out game mechanics…Therefore I have to give major props to this team for attempting to sacrifice nothing for a great gaming experience.”

Being able to participate at GDC will offer an unique opportunity for Liminal Games to demonstrate the progress they have made on their debut game as well as interact with their growing fan base.

“We look forward to meeting with anyone who has questions or comments about our game. It is very exciting for us and we love being a part of the gaming world,” said Excell.


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