Get Every Empty Bottle In Majora’s Mask 3D

Empty bottles in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D are a lot more valuable, and hard to find, than the ones you see discarded on the side of the street. Read on for help on how to collect all seven bottles in Majora’s Mask 3D, which will give you plenty of space for all those potions and fairies you collect.

Empty Bottle 1 – Woods of Mystery
In the southern swamp, travelling west will lead you to the mystery woods (located just beyond the potion shop). Inside you will find an eager little monkey who, when followed, leads you to an injured Koume. Talking to her sister Kotake, will get you a red potion in a bottle which you can give to Koume to heal her, and once consumed, she gives you the bottle to keep.

Empty Bottle 2 – Southern Swamp

Still in the southern swamp, but back at the tourist centre located near the entrance, another empty bottle can be obtained. After Koume is rescued in the forest she invites you to play a boat tour game. Hop onto the boat, and shoot the targets that she holds as she flies around above you – but be careful not to hit her! Shooting 20 or more targets rewards you with another empty bottle.

Empty Bottle 3 – Romani Ranch

Go to Romani Ranch on the first day, and speak to Romani. She will ask for your help in protecting her beloved cows, and promises a reward. Return at 1 am on the first day and fend of the invaders with arrows untill the sun rises. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the third bottle.

Empty Bottle 4 – Mountain Village Smithy

This bottle will be obtained during the process of upgrading your sword. After completing the second temple and returning to the Goron village, the young goron will invite you to race. Blast open the entrance to the race track with a powder keg, and as goron link enter the race. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a bottle of gold dust. Use this to forge your razor sword, and you can keep the empty bottle for yourself!

Empty Bottle 5 – Stock Pot Inn

Obtaining this bottle requires a few steps. First, after completing Romani’s request as detailed above, return to the ranch during the second day. Here you will be tasked with defending the milk wagon as it goes to deliver milk to Clock town. After doing this, you will be rewarded with the Romani Mask. Next, use this mask to enter the Milk Bar. Speak to the band leader toto, and using all of links transformations, complete the song. This will reward you with the Circus Troupe Mask. Finally, find the troupe leader in the Stock Pot Inn on the second day dealing with a mystery illness. Return to his brothers on Milk road to recieve the mystery milk, and upon delivering it to Gorman will reward you with your fifth empty bottle.

Empty Bottle 6 – Waterfall Rapids

You’re almost finished! Empty bottle six is obtained from beating a pair of speedy beavers in an underwater race. Head to the top of waterfall rapids in Great Bay Coast, where you will meet them. Beat both brothers and they will reward you with an empty bottle.

Empty Bottle 7 – Latte Milk Bar

Last one! The final bottle is obtained during the completion of the Anju and Kafei Sidequest. Upon obtaining the priority mail during the final day, head to the milk bar (wearing the Romani Mask) and talk to the lady at the bar – Madame Aroma. But on your Kafei mask and give her the mail to get the final empty bottle.