Destiny: Class Action Lawsuit?

When I first bought Destiny, I couldn’t put it down- I played for 15 hours straight. Now, 5 months later, the disc lays bent and pinned underneath my entertainment center.

I am well aware many of you don’t share my sentiment; the internet teems with a myriad of players and opinions. There are those who still play with militant faith, having their hearts explode and eyes water, to this day, upon receiving an exotic engram or item. To those readers, please continue on with an open mind.


Before anyone goes crazy and calls a lawyer, let’s look at to see what this whole class action lawsuit thing is about.

class action lawsuit is basically where one group of people sues another group of people. In this case, it would be the consumers versus the game developers. You need two things in a class action lawsuit:

1) The dispute must be common among the consumers

2) The amount of individuals affected must be greater than what a courtroom can physically hold.

Now, with Destiny being the third top sold game in America last year, there are plenty of people affected. But what have we been affected by?

First, let us look at the game that was initially launched. From the beginning, there were complaints of people feeling misled from advertisements and trailers. Anyone who watched Pathways Out of Darkness before launch were bound for disappointment, as Destiny was portrayed as an open sandbox adventure where the story is as rich as the art put into the game (uhh, right). Unfortunately, those could be considered “concept videos” and don’t need to reflect the actual game. So sad. However, if you watch the advertisements that DID come out, does it give you any insight to what kind of game this Destiny is? Watch ANY of last year’s E3 Destiny videos, and you will feel like the game you bought is some other breed. Some other, mentally deformed and compromised breed that you have been tricked to buy.


Go ahead, search for those videos listed and reflect on the game that you have put hundreds of hours into. Do you feel misled or do you feel that the game was properly represented to the consumer?


Now that you have formed an opinion on that commonly heard complaint, let’s move on to another more pressing issue….


Anyone who bought The Dark Below purchased a defective product. With Bungie promising an even harder raid than Vault of Glass, who wouldn’t purchase it? Most people were concerned that there were no new planets, but no one would expect that the new DLC would make the previous raid obsolete, be simple to complete and riddled with glitches. 


Now, I cannot speak for anyone but myself. There are plenty of videos and articles already written to tell you of the horrors some players have experienced from TDB. This is simply opinions formed through my experience of playing the game.


I bought the DLC when it came out like most of my friends. I mean, who doesn’t want to be one of the first level 32’s walking around? When I saw Eris Morn and heard her theatrical voice, I felt excited like “this is going to be great, thanks Bungie!” The moment of disappointment hooked when I saw the new upgrade materials, lined once I realized “that’s it?” after finishing Eris’ story missions, and finally I SUNK in a pissy rage upon playing Crota’s End. Was I mistaken when I read that Crota’s End was made to be more difficult than Vault of Glass? As I was falling into the hoard hive of hell, I got goosebumps. That was the peak of my adrenaline- before the raid even begins.

If I knew I was spending $20 on a defective raid I would’ve put that twenty towards reserving ESO. Regardless of the raid, $20 is not worth the slightly higher level cap, as it does not serve a purpose. There are no events that utilize that level except Crota’s End and any random time Iron Banner appears for a week. The new story missions were fun, but I could have waited until all of the content was available, say, in the next couple years as a bundle.


Although many could argue on whether or not the Destiny that was launched was a completed product, it is hard to deny The Dark Below’s defects. Everyone buys a shitty game from time to time, no one is saying that’s worth the effort of a class action lawsuit. I, however, feel like with Destiny’s Dark Below, us gamers were tricked into buying a defective product.


What are your opinions? Do you agree? Disagree? Perhaps have an opinion of your own? Let the discussion begin below, but please be respectful!!