Steam Garners 125 Million Active Users

The days of purchasing a physical copy of a PC title have all but gone the way of the dodo bird. In 2015, PC gaming is all about digital distribution. Valve is the owner of the leading digital distribution platform in PC gaming, Steam. The platform continues to have success with both casual and hardcore gamers.

Valve (via Kotaku) has announced that Steam now has 125 million active users. The keyword here is “active.” Dead accounts aren’t used to spruce up the announcement. Valve also reached a new record with Steam. At some point this month, there were 8.9 million concurrent users.

Steam has over 4500 games available in its library. The amount of user-generated content available on the service has surpassed 400 million. Steam was launched back in 2003 and was originally exclusive to the Windows operating system. Now the service can be used on Mac OS X, Linux, mobile devices, and of course the beta version of SteamOS.