Hot Tin Roof:The Cat Wore a Fedora, Caribbean!, Boring Man

Hello everyone, I am starting a series in which I look at the Steam new releases and pick 2-3 games that particularly interest me. I will be doing AAA, indie, and everything in between. This is also not limited by genera of games so I’ll be doing games from mystery to shooter to RPG and back to point-and-click. This week saw the huge release of Total War: Attila but considering fellow Leviathyn author Lesse Pedersen has already done a piece on it it would be redundant for me to do another one so here are 3 really interesting indie games that are new on steam.
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat Wore A Fedora
Noire, a style of entertainment that has brought gritty complicated characters to life and made us remember a simpler time of mafia wise guys, the liberal use of drugs, and the genius Private Investigators that could solve any crime. Hot Tin Roof brings the noire style to it’s 3-D side-scrolling world but with a twist. You play as Emma Jones, a PI who is a feline. Yes, you play as a Private Investigator cat who is followed around by your sidekick Franky who is also a cat. In this polygonal world you must search the crime sciences of grizzly murders for clues, question cats, rats, and pigeons, and use either your sharp wit, trusty revolver, or a mixture of the two to solve crimes. Now in most games you upgrade your skills but in Hot Tin Roof you unlock news kinds of ammo for your revolver. This ammo ranges from regular bullets to bubble bullets. You also get to explore the city of Hot Tin Roof thus giving you plenty of places to test out your cunning and gunning skills. So if you want to play a quirky game with noire dripping from it and interesting takes on the genera as a whole, check out Hot Tin Roof at



Adventure at the high seas? Battling ships on said high seas? Using powder and sword to best your enemies when the battle comes to land? Caribbean offers players the ability to explore the ocean, pilot a ship, and battle like the days of yore. Many of us have played at least one of the games in the Mount and Blade series and Caribbean! plays the exact same as it’s predecessors. You explore and travel with your crew and then when it comes to combat you take control of your avatar from the third person point of view and command your troops while fighting along side them. This game is incredibly similar to the other Mount and Blade’s play styles even though it is in a different time period but it does add the elements of sea battles; so if you want to play a game that allows you to explore undiscovered islands, recruit scaly-wags into your crew, and command your men while fighting with them pick up Caribbean! at:


Boring Man
We all know Call of Duty, now make it 2-D, make all the characters stick men with color distinction, add platforming, and add more blood. Now you have Boring Man, at title which is so ironic it hurts. Boring Man is an online 2-D shooter that scratches an itch for simple violent games in which you don’t have to worry about story or morals. Just play and have fun. If you want a game where you use tactics and fire power to beat your competition check out boring Man at