Fable Legends will be Free to Play

Developer Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable Legends will be free to play when it launches on the Xbox One and PC.

Players will be able to play the game from beginning to end, including the storyline and all quests, without ever spending any money. In fact, everything that will affect gameplay can be earned in game according to the developer.

The free to play model for Fable Legends will have players (playing as either a hero or a villain) earning silver that can be spent on items to make the characters more powerful. For those that don’t like to wait, gold can be bought with real money and can also be used to buy items.

Fable Legends will feature a hero rotation system that will allow players a chance to enjoy the game to the fullest. This means that at any one time there will always be four free heroes available to players. New heroes will be rotated in every so often so that players will have a chance to play with different ones. Progress will be saved on any one hero that is played with. When that hero is rotated in, players will be able to pick up where they left off.

With the game going free to play, it will feature microtransactions. Some of these will include customization options, creatures, and traps.

“We want to make sure our approach to free to play gives everyone the freedom to enjoy the game to its full extent, and that’s exactly how we’ll continue to develop the game after launch,” the developer added.

It was revealed earlier this year at a Windows 10 event held by Microsoft that Fable Legends would be the first game to feature cross platform play between the Xbox One and PC.

Fable Legends is set to release for the Xbox One and PC. A closed beta is currently ongoing and those interested can go the site here to sign up. An open beta is also being planned for later this year before the release of the game.

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