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Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Review

Imagine this you go to the store to end up buying an Xbox one and you come across Forza Motorsport Five, and you get home loving them. However, something is missing. You need something a bit more…exciting.

That’s where the Thrustmaster TX racing wheel comes into play. It’s specially made Xbox one button that can always take you to your home screen is in a great location, so that you don’t accidentally bump it and ruins that perfect run. It has 900 degrees of rotation. One of its key features is its amazing industrial strength brushless force feedback motor. Which is unmatched and unlike anything that has been on the market to date


I personally have had my Thrustmaster TX racing wheel for a few of months now and the experience is to die for. You can really feel each precise gear change with thrust and power. Just imagine this: the moment when you’re going around a corner at a speed of 100+ and the car gives out, you completely lose your fastest lap time. Now, that lap time would have beaten your arch rival. Now with the Thrustmaster TX you will never have that problem because you can feel everything. Every bump, every rock even the slickness of grass when you try and shave just that little bit more time off of your most recent lap time. The brushless motor is so quite that you can barely hear it. Thrustmaster built this product to last a lifetime. The quality of the wheel is nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I haven’t felt anything loose; nothing has become broken or damaged. I use my wheel just about every day, for a couple of hours a day. And, with Thrustmasters eco system you can easily get add-ons that are just as strong, and also as well built. The eco system includes the flawless T3PA peddle set and GTE racing rim. Plus, the sequential shifter.   thrustmaster eco system

Now, let us get to the real reason why you are here. And, that’s to find out if the Thrustmaster TX is worth the hefty price it carries. I am here to tell you that this racing wheel will turn your world upside down and it might just blow you away. I would have to give this spectacular machine 9.0 out of 10 because… I would have liked to see that it came with the T3PA peddles for no additional charge for the price that you are paying.


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