The Evil Within’s First DLC Coming In March

Shinji Mikami’s latest foray into the genre he pioneered is getting some DLC March 10th. The Assignment follows The Evil Within deuteragonist Juli Kidman on a campaign that happens concurrently with the main storyline.

Players will encounter new enemies, areas, and answers about Mobius, Juli’s motivations, and other mysteries, Gamespot reports. Part two of the expansion will be called The Consequence, which will be released “later.” Here’s the trailer for part 1:

A third DLC expansion is planned as well, entitled The Executioner. This pack will let players take control of The Keeper, also known as Giant Scary Dude With A Safe On His Head. There aren’t many details about the gameplay of this expansion, but expect something “sadistic.”

These three expansions are available for purchase by themselves and also as part of the ubiquitous season pass model. $20 gets you all three, but you can buy them piecemeal for $10 each. Obviously, it’s better to buy the season pass if you want more content per dollar– a notion that’s been in the news the past few weeks.

Bethesda will be hosting a live stream of The Assignment next Friday for those that are curious.

The Evil Within is available for multiple platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC. You can read some more of Leviathyn’s coverage here.

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