online gaming

Gamings Likely Future

Gamings likely future looks to be online only and DLC completion games.

It’s looking to be a sad fact that gaming in our near future could be entirely online gaming and not only that, it looks as though the games we do get wont even be complete and you will have to fork out extra to complete them.

If this is indeed to be our future then it really kills off a high percentage of gamers due to a multitude of factors, mostly due to the financial issues. Currently if you wish to play online your looking at the cost of a monthly subscription to one of the big gaming brands such as Xbox live or PSN, which on the face of things at the moment isn’t the end of the world, mostly due to the cost not being massively outrageous, but if all games in our future are dependent on paying subscription to an online network and possible subscriptions to the games themselves, like ESO for instance (and yes I am aware of the possibility if not actuality of ESO getting rid of the game subscription fee) the cost of gaming is going to get exceedingly more and more expensive.

On top of the fee you will have to pay to even play the games, you already have to pay for the game itself and then if things go the way I think they will, you will have to pay to complete the game with DLC, which isn’t necessarily something that will be coming with new games in the future, that’s something that we have to already deal with in gaming today. With the increasing demand for games and consoles that come out every year, the gaming industry is cashing in on this and charging extortionate prices; on top of the extortionate prices we already have to pay for the game discs themselves and the consoles to play them on, what we are buying isn’t even finished, not complete, not ready to be given to the public, yet its happening ever more increasingly.

I know everyone loves gaming and loves evolution within gaming, but if evolution is going to go down this path, is that going to be a good evolution? I can’t see it going down well myself, I can’t see it working out well at all, gaming is all about the gamer and the community and whilst it might appear having games focus on online communities where gamers can play other gamers across the entire world, I still think that allowing gamers to compete with friends and family in the comfort of their own home, on the same console is what gaming is all about, healthy competition, building bonds among those they consider closest to them.

I don’t wish to appear down on online gaming in any such way, I love online gaming, it is an amazing evolution of gaming and one I wish to see continued and supported, I just don’t want to see it become the make all or break all of what gaming is.

Gaming for me is, has always been, and will always be, about the gamers, not the money.