Heists are coming to GTA V, but PC is delayed again

It has been well over a year since heists was originally announced for Grand Theft Auto Online, a mode which would incorporate the excellent heist missions from the offline portion of the game into the online world. Despite claims from Rockstar that they were on their way, the gaming community began to become skeptical that this mode would ever surface.

Finally, Rockstar Games has announced that heists for GTA Online will be arriving for March 10th for consoles and April 14th for PC. Unfortunately, this comes with the information that the PC release will now be available on April 14th, pushing the release date back by three extra weeks.


Grand Theft Auto V first featured heists within its story mode, requiring the team of Michael, Trevor and Franklin to work together to pull off extravagant routines, and were arguably the most exciting moments of the campaign.

Online heists will bring “a new 4 player cooperative game play experience to GTA Online” and Rockstar have promised to provide us with more information over the coming weeks.

Rockstar released some brief footage of this mode back in December via a short promotional video. Apparent leaks are starting to appear which claim to show that the current gen versions will include six different types of missions, whilst the Xbox 360 & PS3 versions will include five. These also claim to involve new weapons and vehicles.

PC owners have been forced to wait just a little longer, while Rockstar polish the final touches for release, explaining that the delay is necessary due to the requirement of making sure the game is as “polished as possible”. They have also made it clear that GTA Online including heists, will be available from day one on PC.

Rockstar are additionally offering an extra $200,000 of in game cash to all PC owners who have pre-ordered the game as an apology, due to the extended wait.

Are you excited for heists, or has your excitement wavered after such a long time of waiting? Are you irritated by the PC delay, or relieved that Rockstar wants to polish every detail to ensure a perfect release? Let us know in the comments below.

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