“I Give Up”: My Date With Destiny

Destiny is a legitimately fun action game. The fact that I sunk in so many hours of my time into playing it, exploring it’s big worlds, shooting it’s numerous enemies speaks for itself. However, what Destiny isn’t, is a rewarding game.

Let me start at the beginning, Destiny came out back in November of 2014. I was pretty excited for the release. While the marketing and pre release previews didn’t do much for me, the public beta was so good that I found myself rather excited to play the full version.

Release day, and I’m pretty pumped. Character creation was just as fun as the beta, so was the gameplay. My Hunter was rolling through enemies popping off heads and stabbing his way to victory. I was really loving it. Then I got past the beta content, and it was still awesome, meeting people, going on strikes, “I’m on the MOON!” Missions, while definitely not varied at all, kept the enemy encounters interesting at least.

And then, after a couple weeks, I got to level 20.

It takes a lot of time to look this cool. And by then you won't even know if it was worth it.

It takes a lot of time to look this cool. And by then you won’t even know if it was worth it.

I’m sure if you ask any Destiny player about when playing the game became “work” to them, they’ll mention this point. Level 20 and beyond is when Destiny stops being a pretty fun game and starts being a joyless slog of collecting equipment that’s 10 levels below being useful, collecting materials that you lost interest in way too long ago, playing repetitive multiplayer matches on frankly uninteresting maps, replaying missions that stopped being fun the 15th time through, replaying strikes and raids-you see where I’m getting at? To call it repetitive would be a gross understatement. It felt like I had a 9 to 5 job. I’d clock in, do a strike, do a couple missions, complete the bounties, maybe limp to the barn in a multiplayer match and hope off. And that was the cycle week to week.

The terrible thing is, I never knew what it was all for. Sure there was a desire to rise up and make the best character I could but soon enough I didn’t even know what that was. I had spent the next couple months trying to at least reach max level and that’s when I had a realization. None of this was worth anything. Items I’d get, either from drop or that I’d receive from the cryptarch, I mostly sold. I earned vanguard points at a snails pace (and I suspect that the game liked it like that). I played missions and strikes until I couldn’t stomach them anymore. I certainly wasn’t having fun.

So I gave up and I knew the moment I’d never go back was when the first DLC The Dark Below came out. It had promised new content, new guns, new armor, 2 more levels. At that point I was burned out. What, I pay 20 more dollar to run around the game some more and feel no sense of accomplishment? I realize this sounds defeatist but this is a feeling that I and I’m sure many others feel about Destiny.

It’s a fun game, but it’s not a rewarding one.


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  1. kYLUS

    Great article. I’m right there with ya at being exhausted. Bungie will not rebound from this. They may think they’re doing okay now but if there model of a game for Destiny 2 is ANYTHING like Destiny Vanilla. I’ll be surprised if they sell 1.5 million copies of Destiny 2.

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