FutureGrind coming to PS4

FutureGrind developer, Milkbag Games, announced Monday morning that their futuristic stunt game will be coming to PS4. FutureGrind is a skill based game in which the player must navigate a motorcycle(ish) “grinder”, with one red wheel and one blue wheel, across a track made of red, blue, and white rail. The red wheel can only touch the red rail and the blue wheel can only touch the blue rails. If a wheel touches a rail of the opposite color, you short circuit, which is bad. Points are awarded to the player not only for surviving, but also for pulling of tricks, like Manuals, Undergrinds, Hangers, and Flips. In order to progress through the game, the player must earn high scores, netting them endorsements from The Sponsers and allowing them to move on.

The funky-fresh music of FutureGrind is composed by electronic music producer, “bignic”, and can be found on Bandcamp.

Future Grind is expected to release in early 2016 on PS4 and PC.