The Division

The Division to get Public Alpha Test?

File this under rumor for now, but The Division, Ubisoft’s next title in the Tom Clancy franchise, looks to be preparing for a public Alpha.

As always with these kind of things, the rumors – and seemingly confirmation – come from some keen-eyed Redditors who managed to dig up some details on the upcoming Alpha over on the game’s official website. Although nothing is visible any longer, the date-digging users managed to grab the below screenshot to prove their findings.

The Division Alpha

For those out of the loop, The Division is an online-only mutliplayer shooter in development over at Ubisoft. It was originally announced at the publisher’s 2013 E3 press conference. Originally set to release at some point in 2014, the game was delayed to 2015 after rumors of development issues. One Ubisoft source was quoted as saying ””The game engine works well. It’s not done but works well. The actual game development has barely started, however.”

The Division will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.